Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Courageous Japanese Akitas

The Akita Inus are greatly loved and held high in esteem in their native land. They are acknowledged as national treasures. Akitas come from the the island of Honshu. They are recognized as fighting dogs and are widely known to be excellent bear and deer hunters. One thing great about these dogs is that they can still hunt even if the weather is so bad. The Japanese Akitas are versatile hunters and they have this tremendous ability to bring back and retrieve water fowls. These dogs are known as sacred dogs in Japan. People like owning these pet dogs be cause they are well known to bring good luck Akitas are often given as gifts to new parents and the Japanese believe that their first born babies will have superior health. Helen Keller first brought in the first Japane se Akita dog to The U.S.A and she named it Kamikaze- go. This was a gift to her when she went to the Akita Prefecture. Kamikaze – go died in the year 1935 because of canine distemper. Three years after she was given another Japanese Akita dog courtesy of the Japanese government and she named it Kenzan – go. After world war 2 many american servicemen acquired these dogs and brought them over.

These dogs are the largest of the Japanese  dog breeds.  They are strong, well proportioned and unique looking dogs. Dogs of this kind are muscular, broad chested and their of backs are leveled. Akitas have long bodies with triangular shaped heads that are wide and simple looking. They have notable stops near the turning points of their backskulls and muzzles. Their shallow furrows reach all the way to their foreheads. The Akitas have small and well aligned ears that are parallel to their necks. They have broad noses that are colored black. Brown colors are seen also on white colored akitas but the approved color is black. Their tails that are splendid looking and are carried over their dog’s back. Akitas have catlike looking feet. The Akitas are double coated. Their outer coats are rugged and can resist water. They have thick coats which are soft and it gives them excellent protection when the weather is cold. The coat colors of these dogs are hard sesame, gray or tawny and light yellowish brown.guard

These dogs act instinctively but are quite obedient. They are great as family dogs because they do display affection to people whom they are close to. Dogs of this kind are fearless, intelligent and they are recognized as exceptional dogs. Akitas are faithful and dependable plus they love the companionship of persons who are close to them. Never allow these dogs to stay near the areas of other animals because they can become quite ferocoious. This can be staraightened out by training them. Akitas do not bark always but they are known to make weird sounds. These dogs are rather fierce but this could be corrected with proper training.

Akitas are liable to have thyroid problems like hypothyroid and antiimmune thyroditis, immune diseases like VKH ( the body inappropriately attacks it’s own melanocytes and it could lead dto blindness ), pemphigus, skin problems like SA and eyes ( PRA, Micro, entropion ) patella and problems with their knees.

Male Akita dogs will grow and reach as much as 24 – 26 inches in height and females Akitas will reach heights of 24 – 26 inches. Male Akita dogs will weigh as much as 75 – 120 pounds and female Akitas will weigh as much as 75 – 110 pounds. These dogs will have a lifespan of at least 11 – 15 years.

These dogs will do just fine staying in apartments but they must have ample room to move around and time to exercise. Once awhile,  they must be given the opportunity to run around freely in large yards. Akitas must be given time everyday to take long walks Your Akita dogs must always walk beside you or at your backs. This way you are showing them that you are the masters and pack leaders.

Their solid and rugged coats need to be groomed regularly. Always brush their coats firmly and bathe them only when necessary. They will only shed twice a year.

These dogs are kind and affectionate Give them good care and they will remain to be your loyal and wonderful companion.


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