Monday, January 31, 2011

The Consistently Top Rated Labrador Retrievers

By: Ed Gonzalez

Some time ago, the Labradors were called “St. John’s Dogs.” These types of dogs are so popular today in the United States. They are natives of Newfoundland were used by fishermen to catch fish that slipped away from their lines. These dogs were trained to jump into cold waters and help pull the nets in. Labrador Retrievers were initially brought to England in the 1800s by English sailing ships. These dogs were crossbred with other setters, spaniels and other types of retrievers to hasten the improvment of their natural skills as hunters. Dogs of these kind are outstanding family companions. They can be used for drug detection, guidance and service work. Labrador Retrievers are excellent dogs for field competitions and obedience. These dogs are intellectually inclined.

Labrador Retrievers are strong medium sized dogs. They will do good in sport competitions because they are naturally athletic. Their colors are solid black, yellow or chocolate. Other Labrador Retrievers are colored silver and gray. They are short and their bodies are just a bit longer than their heights. Their appearances are nicely proportioned. American Labrador Retrievers are tall and thin. English Labradors are heavy, dense and solidly built.  Their double coats are smooth and are not curvy. Their noses are black with yellow lining colors. Chocolate dogs have brown noses. Their nose colors fade out and this is not considered as a fault in show competitions. They have teeth that are enjoined in scissors or level bites (Their lower incisors close immediately behind the upper incisors ). The muzzles of labrador retrievers are reasonably wide. Their necks are considerately wide and strong. They have coats that are easy to maintain and they are water resiliant. They have fairly sized eyes that are significantly apart from each other. Labrador Retrievers that are colored yellow and black must have black eye colors. Brown colored eyes are on chocolate dogs. Other labradors do have green or greenish yellow eyes. Labradors that are colored silver have eyes that are commonly colored gray. The eye rims are colored black in yellow dogs and black dogs. The rims are brown colored in chocolate dogs. The ears of these dogs are shaped like pendants, medium sized and hanging down. Their tails are thick at the bottom and gradually become leaner towards the end part. They have robust, solidified and web-like feet. Their web-like feet are so useful when they are swimming.

These dogs are known to be affectionate, tender and patient dogs. Labrador retievers are skillful, bright and they like being taught new things that they can do or perform.. They are very enthusiastic, playful and are natural swimmers. These dogs like staying around their families often. Labrador Retrieves are known to play in water when the opportunity is presented to them. These dogs need to feel that they are part of the family. Labrador Retrievers like being affectionately connected with the family and they will surely appreciate this kind of attention. They are excellent watch dogs. These dog types are not considered guard dogs but because they are quite intelligent, they can be trained.

There are two kinds of Labrador Retrievers (field lines and show lines). The show line Labradors are more heavy looking in weight and more relaxed. Field lines are more energetic and fidgety. Most Labrador Retrievers that exhibit superb qualities are a mixture of both. These dogs are more dominant when compared to their relatives the Golden Retrievers. These dogs are very effective in hunting, tracking, retrieving, aiding policemen, drug detection and they are perfect guides for the blind. Labrador Retrievers are rather efficient when used in search and rescue operations, caring, sledding, aglity and obedience competition.

These dogs will grow to heights of 22 – 24 inches and they will weigh as much 55 – 70 pounds. They will live for at least 10 – 12 years.

These dogs are liable to have hip and elbow dysplasia, progressive retinal atrophy and eye disorders.

Labrador Retrievers will do quite well staying in apartments as long as they are given sufficient exercises. They are fairly active indoors but they will do well romping around in  moderately sized yards that are properly fenced.

These dogs have a lot of energy that must be put to use. Labrador Retrievers need to be taken out for long walks. Owners must make sure that they walk their dogs properly.They must be beside them or at their backs. By doing this, their dogs will recognize them as pack leaders.

Their coats are easy to groom. Owners must comb and brush their hair regularly using firm bristles and they must keep a watchful eye with regard to their undercoats. They must be bathed with dry shampoo when needed. These dogs are fair shedders.

According to the American Kennel Club, the Labrador Retrievers are the top dogs in the. U.S. today and they have been so for the past twenty years.

If you give these Labrador Retrievers tender loving care, they will remain affectionately close to you and your family


Amber DaWeenie said...

A wonderfur dog indeed. Our auntie has a 14-year-old black lab. Her name is Samantha!


Remington said...

Some of my best friends are Labs!

Tweedles -- that's me said...

hi my friends
I was trying to respond to your comment via email , so I can share some AWARDS with you. But somehow I deleted your email,, if you respond to this comment- then i will have your address and I will email the AWARDS to you.
I love this post. Labs are so beautiful