Monday, January 31, 2011

The Sturdy But Adorable Looking Pugs

By: Ed Gonzalez

These muscular looking pugs have been around since 400 B.C. Pugs originated from China. These dogs were particularly bred to be companions of Chinese Emperors. Their origins are almost the same of that of the pekingese. During those times, dog breeders in China bred short nosed dogs like the pekingese, lion – dogs and lo – sze. The lo- sze or the foo dogs were the ancient pugs. The people who brought the pugs to Holland and England were dutch traders. Pugs were considered to be royal pets in Holland and these pugs were designated as the official pets of the House of Orange in Holland. One of the royal pugs actually saved the life of Prince William when it started barking consistently and this warned Prince William that the Spaniards were about to get him.

Pugs are small dogs and they are rather heavy in features. They have square and tightly packed bodies. Their heads are well rounded, bulky and their muzzles are square shaped,dull and short. Pugs have moles located on their cheeks These dogs have rose or button molded ears. Pugs are energetic, lively, and full of enthusiasm. They are known to be quite playful carefree and rowdy. These dogs are intelligent and comical. Pugs can keep their owners in a jovial mood when they do their funny antics .Owners must use different methods when training these dogs because they become so bored doing the the same routine over and over again. Pugs can be rather assertive, if their owners are not serious in handling them. Pugs need owners who can control them in a calm, self assuring and firm manner. Owners must never change the rules. Do not shout at these dogs in a fierce way because they are highly sensitive. Pugs do not bark sharply. They will do well with children. Owners must be excellent and unwavering pack leaders. If they do not show their good leadership, pugs will display their unwanted behavior. They like doing certain things like guarding the food, toys or any thing that fancies their imagination. Owners must push forward their authority over these dogs but they must do this in a peaceful and unassuming way.

Owners must brush their pug's coat weekly and this will minimize shedding.

Pugs are the ideal dogs for persons living in apartments. They must be kept inside when the weather is hot or cold and the temperature must be considerably moderate.

Owners must take their pugs for daily walks. They must make sure that they are walking ahead of their dogs. In this manner, they are showing their dogs that they are the leaders. Pugs will surely like games wherein they can use their energy. Getting them involved in these games are beneficial for their dogs. This will help their their pugs remain healthy. Do not overdo it, if they make whistling sounds, it means they've had enough and it is time to stop.

Pugs can develop sudden colds and they can become stressful when the weather is hot or cold. They are susceptible to allergies and their short muzzles can cause breathing concerns. ( wheezing and snoring ). They are liable to acquire health problems like: skin concerns, encephalitis ( which can infect adolescent pugs between the ages of two and three years ). Females may have to give birth through caesarean operation because of the big heads of their puppies. Dogs of these kind can be affected with keratites ( inflammation of the corneas ). Their eyes must not weep too much. Owners must never overfeed their dogs because they will become so fat and they will not live long.

Pugs are wonderful pet dogs. Love them and they will become your faithful companions.

The Consistently Top Rated Labrador Retrievers

By: Ed Gonzalez

Some time ago, the Labradors were called “St. John’s Dogs.” These types of dogs are so popular today in the United States. They are natives of Newfoundland were used by fishermen to catch fish that slipped away from their lines. These dogs were trained to jump into cold waters and help pull the nets in. Labrador Retrievers were initially brought to England in the 1800s by English sailing ships. These dogs were crossbred with other setters, spaniels and other types of retrievers to hasten the improvment of their natural skills as hunters. Dogs of these kind are outstanding family companions. They can be used for drug detection, guidance and service work. Labrador Retrievers are excellent dogs for field competitions and obedience. These dogs are intellectually inclined.

Labrador Retrievers are strong medium sized dogs. They will do good in sport competitions because they are naturally athletic. Their colors are solid black, yellow or chocolate. Other Labrador Retrievers are colored silver and gray. They are short and their bodies are just a bit longer than their heights. Their appearances are nicely proportioned. American Labrador Retrievers are tall and thin. English Labradors are heavy, dense and solidly built.  Their double coats are smooth and are not curvy. Their noses are black with yellow lining colors. Chocolate dogs have brown noses. Their nose colors fade out and this is not considered as a fault in show competitions. They have teeth that are enjoined in scissors or level bites (Their lower incisors close immediately behind the upper incisors ). The muzzles of labrador retrievers are reasonably wide. Their necks are considerately wide and strong. They have coats that are easy to maintain and they are water resiliant. They have fairly sized eyes that are significantly apart from each other. Labrador Retrievers that are colored yellow and black must have black eye colors. Brown colored eyes are on chocolate dogs. Other labradors do have green or greenish yellow eyes. Labradors that are colored silver have eyes that are commonly colored gray. The eye rims are colored black in yellow dogs and black dogs. The rims are brown colored in chocolate dogs. The ears of these dogs are shaped like pendants, medium sized and hanging down. Their tails are thick at the bottom and gradually become leaner towards the end part. They have robust, solidified and web-like feet. Their web-like feet are so useful when they are swimming.

These dogs are known to be affectionate, tender and patient dogs. Labrador retievers are skillful, bright and they like being taught new things that they can do or perform.. They are very enthusiastic, playful and are natural swimmers. These dogs like staying around their families often. Labrador Retrieves are known to play in water when the opportunity is presented to them. These dogs need to feel that they are part of the family. Labrador Retrievers like being affectionately connected with the family and they will surely appreciate this kind of attention. They are excellent watch dogs. These dog types are not considered guard dogs but because they are quite intelligent, they can be trained.

There are two kinds of Labrador Retrievers (field lines and show lines). The show line Labradors are more heavy looking in weight and more relaxed. Field lines are more energetic and fidgety. Most Labrador Retrievers that exhibit superb qualities are a mixture of both. These dogs are more dominant when compared to their relatives the Golden Retrievers. These dogs are very effective in hunting, tracking, retrieving, aiding policemen, drug detection and they are perfect guides for the blind. Labrador Retrievers are rather efficient when used in search and rescue operations, caring, sledding, aglity and obedience competition.

These dogs will grow to heights of 22 – 24 inches and they will weigh as much 55 – 70 pounds. They will live for at least 10 – 12 years.

These dogs are liable to have hip and elbow dysplasia, progressive retinal atrophy and eye disorders.

Labrador Retrievers will do quite well staying in apartments as long as they are given sufficient exercises. They are fairly active indoors but they will do well romping around in  moderately sized yards that are properly fenced.

These dogs have a lot of energy that must be put to use. Labrador Retrievers need to be taken out for long walks. Owners must make sure that they walk their dogs properly.They must be beside them or at their backs. By doing this, their dogs will recognize them as pack leaders.

Their coats are easy to groom. Owners must comb and brush their hair regularly using firm bristles and they must keep a watchful eye with regard to their undercoats. They must be bathed with dry shampoo when needed. These dogs are fair shedders.

According to the American Kennel Club, the Labrador Retrievers are the top dogs in the. U.S. today and they have been so for the past twenty years.

If you give these Labrador Retrievers tender loving care, they will remain affectionately close to you and your family

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Small But Great Looking Pekingese

By: Ed Gonzalez

The name Pekingese originated from the well known city of Peking in China and now familiarly known as Beijing. These pet dogs are highly esteemed dogs in China. The Chinese believed that these pet dogs will keep them safe from evil spirits. Before, no one could own these dogs if they were not part of the Chinese Royalty. If anyone was caught stealing these dogs, they were immediately killed right away. If an Emperor died, his Pekingese dog would be sacrificially killed so that they could protect him in his life after death. The Imperial guards killed these dogs juast at the the time when British soldiers were about to take hold of the Imperial Palace. Luckily, five dogs survived and these dogs were given as presents to Queen Victoria. The Pekingese we see now are the descendants of these five dogs.

It's their coats that make them look astounding and gives them the appearance of little lions. It seems like they have artificial long hair growing on the back of their necks and it becomes shorter on the rest of their bodies. These dogs have two level coatings of fur. They have outer layers that are long, innate, similar to feathers and running down freely. Their inner layers are carefree and they work like insulators.

The front part of their bodies are bulky. They have heads that are larger than their bodies. The back parts of their bodies are close – fitting and thin. Pekingese are very short in height but sturdy and they do have long bodies. They have pear shaped bodies that are nearly touching the ground. Their tails go beyond the top of their back parts and it reaches beyond their backs. It has so much feathers on both sides. They have flat looking front faces with thick  muzzles, but the thickness is much more under their eyes. It is separated by the lower and upper parts of their faces. The skin on their muzzles are colored black. Pekingese have noses that are broad and diminutive. Their lower teeth extends over their upper teeth. They have jaw bones that are wide. Pekingese have large but remarkably looking dark eyes that have been set quite a bit a distance from their black eye rims. Their ears are heart shape and it looks as if it is lying flat against their head. Their heads have a rectangular shape and this is the result of the feathers mixing with it. They have thick but undersized necks. Their short legs are thick and heavily boned.

Pekingese are brave little dogs who are alert, freewheeling and very affectionate towards their owners. They are excellent watchdogs. You have to train these dogs and they can be a bit dificult to do so. After awhile, they will follow your orders. You must be able to let them know that you are the leader. If you don't, they will think t that they are the leaders and they can acquire bad behaviors. These means that they will start to growl bark and bite as if they are commanding their owners what to do. All their desirable attitudes will take a turn for the worst. These dogs will become unfaithful and you will not be able to trust them. Pekingese must be trained to follow rules When walking these dogs, owners must follow the general rule that their dogs must walk beside them or at the the back of them. This will show their dogs that they are the leaders. Never let their dogs walk ahead of them because they might have this feeling that they are the pack leaders. Owners must be strong leaders and this will make their dogs feel at ease.

If you train these dogs properly, these pekingese dogs will be so pleasant to be with and they will be excellent companion dogs.

Their life expectancy is 15 years. These dogs will weigh 8 -10 pounds and will have heights of 6 – 9 inches. Pekingese dogs under 6 pounds are called sleeve pekingese and they are the smallest member of the Pekingese family. These sizes are quite well known.

These dogs must walk everyday because this is good for their health. If they are not given this opportunity, they will display behaviors that their owners will not like. It would be nice if these dogs are given the opportunity to roam around in large yards that are properly fecned. When walking with them, they must be put on their leashes. This is to prevent untoward incidents from happening.

Dogs of these types are suitable for living in apartments and condos. They will do quite well living indoors.
sPekingese pet dogs are liable to have colds and they have difficult child births. Pekingese dogs are inclined to having herniated disks and dislocated kneecaps. They can get infected with trichiasis ( lashes that grow inwards in the direction of their eyeballs ) Breathing and heart problems are prevalent with this breed.

If owners handle them carefully and take good care of them, they will remain endearing towards their owners.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Attractive Golden Retrievers

By: Ed Gonzalez

The Golden Retrievers emanated from the Scottish highlands in the late 1800’s and they were created by Lord Tweedmouth. He was able to accomplish this by breeding the original Yellow Flat Coated Retrievers with the extinct Tweed Water Spaniel. The dogs were first given the name Golden Flat Coats and after a year paseed, they were renamed Golden Retrievers. These dogs are popular today not just because they are very good family companionsl but because they are well known for their skills in hunting, tracking service, obedience competitions. These dogs have very strong senses of smell and this is the reason why they are so useful in detecting drugs. They are great companions and exceptional guide dogs for blind and disabled people.

These dogs are strong medium to large sized dogs. Tthe heads of the Golden Retrievers are broad and their muzzles are erect and a bit small. They do have well defined stops. Their noses are black or brownish black. Their teeth meet in scissor bites ( their lower incisors are close behind the upper incisors ). They have medium to large eyes that are dark brown in color. Their ears are rather short and they are seen hanging down near their cheeks. If you pull forward the end points of their ears, it will cover their eyes. Their tails are relatively thick at the bottom parts. They have coverings of feathers on their undersides. Claws that are not touching the ground must be taken out. Their waterproof coats are thick and they have strong, straight and curving outer coats. The feather coverings on the underneath part of their bellies are untrimmed, likewise are the back of their legs, front of their necks and undersides of their tails. Their coat colors are usually cream and radiantly golden.

These dogs are loving, respectful and intelligent dogs. Golden Retrievers are known for their amiable and charming personal traits. They are easy to train and are rather composed with children. These dogs are perfect companions for family members who will take time out to be with them. They are not known as guard dogs but they do bark loudly when strangers come near to their owner's home. Owners must show their dogs proper leadership and if done so, their Golden Retrievers will give them their full loyalty. They must make sure that their dogs exercise regularly. Owners must be strong, moderate and dependable  leaders. If they have these qualities, behavioral concerns will not be much of a problem. These dogs like doing tricks and are fine swimmers.

These dogs will grow and reach heights of 20 – 24 inches and they will weigh 60 – 85 pounds. They have a lifespan of at least 10 – 12 years.

Golden Retrievers need to have brisk and long walks. When walking them, their dogs must stay by their sides or at their backs. By doing it this way, owners are showing them that they are the leaders and that the dogs are their followers. The dogs like to bring back objects like toys and balls.

Their fine and medium hair double coats can be groomed without experiencing any difficulty. They must comb and brush these dogs with firm bristle brushes. Owners must pay special attention to their thick undercoats. They can use dry shampoo and bathe them when necessary. Golden Retrievers are not heavy shedders.

Golden Retrievers are liable to have: cancer, hip dysplasia, Von Willebrand’s disease, heart problems and congenital eye defects. These dogs are also proned to skin allergies and they must be checked regularly by their vets. They do gain weight rather easily and this is the main reason why they must not be extremely fed.

These dogs are good for persons living in apartments but these dogs must be given the right amount of time to exercise. They are moderately active indoors. Golden Retrievers must be given the chance to roam around in a large but well fenced yard.

If these dogs are in good health condition, they will be your wonderful companion for a good length of time.

The Cute Looking Shih Tzus

By: Ed Gonzalez

The Shih Tzus originally come from the southern part of China and they were created by cross breeding the ancestors of the Pekingese and Tibetan Lhasa  These dogs were known as royal dogs during the Manchu Dynasty. When the Communist Regime arrived, they killed thousands of these dogs but thirteen of these dogs survived and were brought into europe in 1952.

These are sought after pet dogs today. They are round headed and good natured, Shih - Tzus have well rounded eyes that are colored dark. These dogs possess big rounded eyes that are colored dark and they have big ears which are hidden by their coats. These are quite small dogs but though their sizes are diminutive, they are solidly built. They have bended tails that are covered by their furs. Shi Tzu dogs don’t have any particular color and they are not known for shedding their hair. These pet dogs have double level headed hair, and they have undercoats that are furry.

Shih Tzus are strong, always on the lookout, packed with energy and cordial dogs. They are the perfect companion dogs. Shih Tzus are calm and loving dogs. During play time, these dogs can be quite mischievous and turbulent. They are good watchdogs because they are alert, mindful and they like to bark. These dogs do not like to be surprised, they can bite you if you do this  tot hem. They like the attention you bestow upon them. Shih Tzus are hardheaded and owners who are training them must possess extreme patience. They will do fine with children but are not known to do well with babies and toddlers. These dogs are possessive and jealouf these little kids. They like being in the companionship of any family member.

These dogs have heights of 9 – 10 ½ inches. Their ideal weights are 9 – 16 pounds. They have lifespans of 10 – 14 years.

Dogs of this kind do not shed. They have densed and rough coats. Shih Tzus must be brushed every day. They must be brought to the groomers once every 3 months. A lot of Shih Tzu owners prefer that their dogs have shorter hair.

Shih Tzus must walk daily with their masters or they must have a daily play time. This way they will not get bored and become lazy.

These dogs can be easily trained. Training these dogs must begin at an early age. They must be given rewards when they do something right.

Shih Tzus have similar health problems like renal dysplasia ( genetic or developmental defects of their kidneys ), patellar luxation ( knee caps pops out of place ), dermoid sinus ( it is tube like and does drain ). If it is seen in new born puppies, the vets might ask permission from the owners to put them to sleep. It can be removed through operations but these pets should not reproduce. Progressive retinal atrophy ( blinding disorder ) is a disease that is inherited.

Owners must take good care of their Shih Tzu's because they are good looking, wonderful and great companions.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Courageous Japanese Akitas

The Akita Inus are greatly loved and held high in esteem in their native land. They are acknowledged as national treasures. Akitas come from the the island of Honshu. They are recognized as fighting dogs and are widely known to be excellent bear and deer hunters. One thing great about these dogs is that they can still hunt even if the weather is so bad. The Japanese Akitas are versatile hunters and they have this tremendous ability to bring back and retrieve water fowls. These dogs are known as sacred dogs in Japan. People like owning these pet dogs be cause they are well known to bring good luck Akitas are often given as gifts to new parents and the Japanese believe that their first born babies will have superior health. Helen Keller first brought in the first Japane se Akita dog to The U.S.A and she named it Kamikaze- go. This was a gift to her when she went to the Akita Prefecture. Kamikaze – go died in the year 1935 because of canine distemper. Three years after she was given another Japanese Akita dog courtesy of the Japanese government and she named it Kenzan – go. After world war 2 many american servicemen acquired these dogs and brought them over.

These dogs are the largest of the Japanese  dog breeds.  They are strong, well proportioned and unique looking dogs. Dogs of this kind are muscular, broad chested and their of backs are leveled. Akitas have long bodies with triangular shaped heads that are wide and simple looking. They have notable stops near the turning points of their backskulls and muzzles. Their shallow furrows reach all the way to their foreheads. The Akitas have small and well aligned ears that are parallel to their necks. They have broad noses that are colored black. Brown colors are seen also on white colored akitas but the approved color is black. Their tails that are splendid looking and are carried over their dog’s back. Akitas have catlike looking feet. The Akitas are double coated. Their outer coats are rugged and can resist water. They have thick coats which are soft and it gives them excellent protection when the weather is cold. The coat colors of these dogs are hard sesame, gray or tawny and light yellowish brown.guard

These dogs act instinctively but are quite obedient. They are great as family dogs because they do display affection to people whom they are close to. Dogs of this kind are fearless, intelligent and they are recognized as exceptional dogs. Akitas are faithful and dependable plus they love the companionship of persons who are close to them. Never allow these dogs to stay near the areas of other animals because they can become quite ferocoious. This can be staraightened out by training them. Akitas do not bark always but they are known to make weird sounds. These dogs are rather fierce but this could be corrected with proper training.

Akitas are liable to have thyroid problems like hypothyroid and antiimmune thyroditis, immune diseases like VKH ( the body inappropriately attacks it’s own melanocytes and it could lead dto blindness ), pemphigus, skin problems like SA and eyes ( PRA, Micro, entropion ) patella and problems with their knees.

Male Akita dogs will grow and reach as much as 24 – 26 inches in height and females Akitas will reach heights of 24 – 26 inches. Male Akita dogs will weigh as much as 75 – 120 pounds and female Akitas will weigh as much as 75 – 110 pounds. These dogs will have a lifespan of at least 11 – 15 years.

These dogs will do just fine staying in apartments but they must have ample room to move around and time to exercise. Once awhile,  they must be given the opportunity to run around freely in large yards. Akitas must be given time everyday to take long walks Your Akita dogs must always walk beside you or at your backs. This way you are showing them that you are the masters and pack leaders.

Their solid and rugged coats need to be groomed regularly. Always brush their coats firmly and bathe them only when necessary. They will only shed twice a year.

These dogs are kind and affectionate Give them good care and they will remain to be your loyal and wonderful companion.