Monday, November 29, 2010

The Lovingly Looking Chihuahuas

By: Ed Gonzalez

The Chihuahuas are the oldest dog breeds in the whole North American Continent.and said to be be the smallest dog breed in the world. People say that these dogs were brought to this region by the Chinese. These pet dogs are commonly natives of Mexico. Their names originated from the Mexican State of Chihuahua. The Pre- Colombian Nations considered these dogs to be holy. Chihuahuas were known to be pet dogs for those in the upper crust of society. Dog experts are not sure how these pet dogs were created but others say that these dog's ancestral roots can be traced to the Fennec Fox.

These are teensy - weensy little sized dogs but they are strongly built. Chihuahuas have well defined features. Their bodies are figuratively heavy and lengthier than their tails,. They have straight limbs These little sized dogs have tails that are similarly formed like sickles and it is curled over the chihuahuas back. The tails go to either of it's sides. Their heads are formed like apples. These pet dogs have short and pointed muzzles. Their large eyes are dark and rounded.Sometimes,  they may have ruby and clear colored eyes. These pet dogs are known for their big and triangular formed ears. They do have claws that are touching the ground and this can be taken out. Chihuahuas have tender spots on top of their heads that eventually shuts up when they are adults. These pet dogs come in two kinds, some are long haired and others are short haired. The typical types that we see around are the short haired chihuahuas. Chihuahuas also have various types of colored coats like: light yellowish brown, browny yellowish, light yellowish, browny yellowish, light reddish, reddish brown silver and medium grayish blue. These pet dogs can have coats that are colored black, tan and tri – colored.

Chihuahua sare known to be friendly and they do make good companion dogs. They are very lively, always on the lookout, respected, brave and adventurous dogs. They like it when you caress and display your affectionate ways to them. They are fun vivacious pet dogs. These dogs can be quite begrudging and they will always be behind their owners if there are strangers near them. Chihuahuas are faithful and dependable dogs. They can bond well with their owners, These pet dogs can be quite stubborn, it is important for their owners to show their chihuahuas that they are the leaders If not these dogs will display disturbing behaviors..Owners must have a set of rules that their dogs must follow. Their pet chihuahuas must know what is permissible and what is not. Owners must be decisive and in control but it must be done in very calm ways. These dogs don’t like being nudged at or teased and they will snap at children who do this to them. If they are threatened they will bite anyone with their teeth.

Chihuahuas must be acquainted with other family members so that they will get used to them If they are given the proper time to socialize, they won't develop forceful behaviors

These little pint sized pet dogs are not easy to train. They are smart and after awhile they will learn their lessons quickly. They must not be allowed to do the things that bigger dogs do or else their dogs can develop a dominant attitude that might be difficult to deal with later on. Because they are so tiny, they are treated just like babies.

These dogs must be given time to walk at least one day a week. Walking is exercise for them but more important is that walking stimulates their mind and it brings satisfaction to them. Constant weekly walks will appease their migration instincts. This is so important to these types of pet dogs. Denying their Chihuahuas this opportunity will change the behavioral patterns of their pet dogs. It will make them snappy,yappy and unfaithful.withh children and people they are not acquainted with. If these pet dogs become the leaders of their pack, they will be boldly forceful, cocky and domineering. Owners must treat their Chihuahuas the same way they treat their other bigger dogs. If they do this, their little pet dogs will have well managed tempers and they will become good playful companions for their children.

These dogs will reach heights of 6 – 9 inches .They will weigh 3 – 6 pounds . Chihuahuas are known to live for at least 14 – 18 years.

These dogs are liable to develop rheumatism, slipped stifle, colds, gum problems, corneal dryness and secondary glaucoma. They must not be given chocolates or even fertilizers, these elements can kill them. These dogs have big heads that is why it is necessary for them to go through a caesarian operation when they are born. During their early ages they are susceptible to fractures and accidents Som chihuahuas develop moleras. These are the unclosed parts of their skulls that stay tat way for as long as they live. This makes them liable to injuries. Chihuahuas have short noses that is the reason why they are known to wheeze and snore. They are also liable to develop epilepsy and seizures. Medicines for these dogs cause sixty dollars. These sicknesses  are very common for Chihuahuas just turned two years old and have been poorly bred. These dogs are proned to have styes in their eyes.The smaller bred Chihuahuas are liable to many more diseases. These little pet dogs can develop low blood sugars.and they must take in small meals to maintain their strong little bodies. They are known to get into sugar shocks very quickly and if this is not taken cared of immediately, these little and cute pet dogs will perish.. In emergency cases , their sugar levels can be restored by using Nutra Cal ( puppy vitamin gels or even maple syrup ( a little bit can pull it off ).

These dogs are adequate for apartment living. They like normal warm weather and they are not meant for cold weather. Just like other dogs they do need to be given space.

They must be given time to enjoy themselves and play around. Be sure that they are given time to walk because if not they will display disturbing behaviors. If their owners have yards that are adequateky fenced, owners must give their dogs their dogs time to run around and exercise.

Make them feel wanted and they can be your best friends forever

Friday, November 26, 2010

The Independent Minded Pomeranians

By: Ed Gonzalez

Pomeranians are known to come from the lineage of wolf – spitz dogs that came from the northern parts of Russia and Siberia, then they migrated to the German province of Pomerania. The forerunners of these dogs were large dogs and they weighed 30 pounds. Many famous persons like the following owned pomeranians and some of them were: Mozart Marie Antoinette, Queen Victoria and Emile Zola. They were recognized as as full breeds in the year 1870 by the Kennel Club of England. The person who was responsible for breeding the pomeranians into smaller sizes was Queen Victoria.

These dogs are known to assert themselves. Pomeranians are rather comical and they do like the outdoors. These little creatures are quite inquisitive and they know what is happening around them. They have fox – like expressions.  Pomeranians are best known for being excellent companions. They are often seen in dog competitions.. These dogs are known to have very common colors like red and orange,  although they may also have other types of color variations.

Pomeranians have solidified, and short - backed bodies. These type of dog likes to keep associating with people. They are very observant regarding things happening around their vicinity. Pomeranians  are highly intelligent, cheerful and easy going dogs  They are like detectives,  always investigating things and objects they find lingering around their areas.

These dogs weigh between 3 -7 pounds and the accurate weights for show dogs are from 4 – 6 pounds.

Their heights may differ from 7 – 11 inches. They have lifespans of 15 years..

Their heads are appropriate for their whole outlook. The muzzleof these pet dogs are slim and stunted. They have the right sizes of lips but they are prone to biting. They have skulls that are somewhat rounded but they are not well formed like semi - circles. When looking at the front and sides of these dogs you will see immediately that the ears of the pomeranians stand highly erected. These Pomeranians have dark average looking eyes. The color of their noses are different than that of their coats..Owners can remove the claws that are not touching the ground. The tail feathers of these dogs lay evenly and aligned on their backs These dogs have teeth that are entangled in scissor like bite formations. Their double coats are quite thick. They have soft but densed undercoats. Their outer coats are not nice to stare at and are rough looking. The coats surrounding their necks and chests are larger than the coats on their other body parts.. Their thickly plumed tails are rather elevated and are seen lying across their backs.

These dogs are intelligent, alert and easy to please .They are well loved by people because they are so adorable. Pomeranians are calm looking dogs and they are not difficult to train.. Dogs of this kind need firm and patient persons to take hold them. They are so enjoyable to be with because they do show a lot of hearty interest. Pomeranians display attitudes that are well appreciated by owners and other people who do not possess this kind of dog. They are watch dogs but they must be trained to bark at strangers when they are still young.

Pomeranians are known for their well pleasing personalities. At time, s these dogs can be forceful especially if they like a particular thing. Be sure not to spoil them or else you may regret owning these pet dogs. You must take control of them. Owners must be decisive domineering and confident. This they must do in a patient manner, Pomeranians must know that their owners are not equals and they must be reminded that their owners are the boss. Their pet dogs must understand this because if not they will show disturbing behavior. These pet dogs must be trained to follow a set pattern of rules so that a lot of problems can be removed.

These dogs need to exercise and walking them is the best way to do it. This will relieve the owners of behavioral concerns. They can be allowed to run around the yard but this must be well secured and they must have fences.

These dogs will be the right dogs for people living in apartments. Pomeranians must be kept busy or else they will feel bored and a lot of unfortunate things can happen if they do not have anything to do. These are good dogs for senior citizens.

Pomeranians are liable to acquire such sicknesses like dislocated patellas ( Knee – Caps ), slipped stiffle ( slipping knee joints), heart problems, eye infections and skin irritations. Crispy milk bones and dry dog food are just right for their dog's daily meal. Giving them crispy milk bones and dry dog food will keep their teeth and gums healthy. Some pomeranians are just too small. If they are pregnant they must deliver their babies by using the caesarean method. Old pomeranians usually develop bald spots because of shedding.

Brush their coats often. These pet dogs usually shed once or two times during a year, Clean their eyes everyday and they must go to the vets on a constant basis to check on their teeth.

Keep these pet dogs happy and they will remain loyal to you.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Superiorly Formed Miniature Poodles

By: Eduardo C. Gonzalez

There are many who say that Miniature Poodles emanated from France. There are others who believe that these dogs have been around since the early Egyptian era. Still others claim that these Miniature Poodles came from Germany They claim that their ancestors are the nearly defunct French Water dogs. The word name poodle was derived from the German word pudel, which means plays in water. They are well appreciated for being perfomers. These dogs are good in doing tricks and are adept in making pranks. Miniature Poodles are superb performers and they were favorites in circuses then.

They have medium built bodies and they are majestic in the way they appear. Miniature Poodles have round faces. Their heads are long and so are their muzzles. These dogs have rounded eyes that are dark and broad.. The tails of the Miniature Poodles are docked and densed. They are known for their web like feet. Some of these Miniature Poodles have curly and firm like colors.

There are so many ways in grooming these kinds of dogs. When they style this dog in the Pet clip way, these pet dogs will have short hair on every part of their bodies. By using the Continental Clip, their rear ends are shaved, half of their tails are shaved so are the upper part of their legs. The English saddle Clip is almost like the Continental Clip except that their rear ends must not be shaved. Most of these pet dogs have the Continental Clip look.

Miniature Poodles have a lot of talent and these dogs do display fervor to their owners and people close to them. Dogs of these kind like to take daily walks and play outdoors. Just be careful and be precautious. Your yards must be properly fenced. Give these pet dogs the the needed attention or else they will become irritated and they can show unwanted behaviors. Let them frolic around a pool of water. When they are doing this, you must keep an eye on them.

These Pet Dogs are not difficult to train and they can be rather entertaining. They are nice dogs to spend time with because they are quite fun.

Pet Dogs like these love hanging around with people and this is the reason why they should not be left alone for long periods of time. These dogs do form strong bonds with their owners and other members of the family. Miniature Poodles are great pet dogs to have around your homes. These are patient and funny little pet dogs. and they can act like this especially when they are with children. They are more patient with older children than younger ones. They are superb watchdogs and these dogs will bark time and time again at strangers who are approaching their owner's home. These dogs are quite particular and simple pet dogs. Although they may seem to be small, these dogs do pack a lot of energy. These dogs are agile and submissive pets. They are well suited for dog shows and they can be quite competitive in dog sports,

They will reach as much as 11 – 15 inches in height .. These dogs can weigh as much as twenty pounds and these Miniature poodles have a lifespan of at least 14 years.

They are the ideal companions for singles and old folks. These .dogs are just right for families that have older children. Miniature Poodles are active and they can excel in dog competitions.

Owners must watch the health of their Miniature Poodles because they are vulnerable to such illnesses like: progressive retinal atrophy, leg – perthes diease, patellar luxation, epilepsy, trichiasis,entropion, lacimal duct atresia, glaucoma, distichiasis, urinary stones and intervertebral disk degenaeration.

These are fascinating, friendly and lovely looking dogs to have around your vicinity.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Actively Energetic JacK Russell Terrriers

By: Eduardo C. Gonzalez

The Jack Russell  Terriers were first bred by an English man named Jack Russell and they do come from England. Thees dogs were used to hunt foxes and they were very good at digging holes and were known for getting out foxes from their hiding places. They were primarily bred to be used for small game hunting,

These dogs need to live in homes that have bigger spaces and with yards. Jack Russell Terriers are not suitable fer people living in apartments. If these dogs are living with their owners in apartments or condominiums, they must be given enough exercise to compensate for the lack of space. These dogs are rather inquisitive dogs. They do like to check things out, run and do a lot of chasing. Jack RussellTerrier  dogs are very active and they must be kept preoccupied, If their owners have yards, they must have the correct type of fences in order to keep their dogs in their yards. These dogs are well regarded for their climbing abilities. Owners must be on the look out when these dogs are running in open areas like their yards. Walking and strolling are a must for these dogs, It's part of their daily regimen of exercises. Jack Russell are rather inquisitive dogs.

These dogs are assertive, powerful but  quite  joyful dogs to have as pets,. Jack Russell Terrier dogs are intelligent and loyal pet dogs, Although they are well known for running after foxes, these dogs are efficient rat killers.  Jack Russell Terrier pet dogs can amuse anyone with their array of funny acts. Dogs belonging to this breed are very entertaining. They seem to possess never ending energies and they can be overwhelming. Owners must understand their dog and they can do this by giving their dogs adequate attention. Do not keep these dogs with other dogs because they can be very assertive. If Owners have a  pair of Jack Russell pet dogs, these dogs must never be left alone unattended,.There have been cases of them  killing their partners or severely wounding one of them The owners of these dogs must recognize their capabilities to  hunt.Prospective owners must learn about thire qualities of these JackRussell  Terriers before acquiring them. Jack Russell  Terrier puppies must have regular check ups upon reaching the age of eight weeks. This is an important matter that owners must know about. These dogs will go after cats and other smaller animals vigorously because it's their instinct to hunt.

These dogs are very strong and they have been known to fight animals twice their sizes. It's an important factor for owners to have a firm grip on their dogs. These are dogs who don't know the meaning of fear and they will not yield until they accomplish what they are doing. Jack Russell Terrriers are ntelligent dogs and their owners must realize this. Do not leave them outside of your homes because these dogs will keep on hunting. These dogs are so focused and they can stay without food for several days when they are in their hunting mode. Owners will have a dreadful experience if they can't find their dogs and this could be disastrous for their pet dogs.

These great pet dogs adapt so well with older children because these are friendly dogs. Smaller children must learn to handle their Jack Russell Terriers.They can do this by getting to know them in a tender manner These children  must be assisted by the owners of these dogs.These are wonderful pet dogs for older children. They are calm and friendly dogs. They can be friendly with smaller children as long as these children are familiar with handling Jack Russell Terriers. If their Jack Russell Terriers  are teased too much, they will snap. Owners must be extra careful if they have children six years of age and under.

These dogs will reach as much as 10 – 12 inches in height and will weigh 14 – 18 pounds. Their lifespan is fifteen years.

Owners must take notice of their coats and take care for it by brushing their hair at least once a week. If they have rough coats, their rough coats must be removed.

These dogs are liable for having their kneecaps dislocated. They do encounter health problems such as eye diseases, epilepsy, hip dysplasia and deafness.

Train these dogs at their early age because they will be difficult to do so as they get older.

Be good to these dogs and they will amuse you for a long time.

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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Funny French Bulldogs


By: Eduardo C .Gonzalez

The French Bulldogs roots originated from England and they were considered as a different kind of English bulldog because of their miniature sizes. It was in Nottingham where some lace makers took it upon themselves to create these diminutive kind of English Bulldogs. Later they were called” toy bulldogs.”In the 1860's these lace makers decided to go to France and they tagged along their dogs. These dogs became so popular and then their name was changed. They were now known as French Bulldogs .These dogs became instant hits and were being constantly used in dog shows. Later, these dogs were re – introduced in England because they were popular gdos and were well suited for dog shows. British dog admirers did not appreciate the new name given to these dogs but they could not do anything about it and the name remained the same.

The French Bulldogs are compact miniature and are sturdily built. They have square heads that are rather big and and their foreheads are nicely rounded. These types of bull dogs have muzzles that extend very far and are quite large in sizes. Most French Bulldogs are black colored but a few of them have a lighter shade of black.. These dogs have rounded eminent dark eyes which are distantly separated.

Their teeth have been joined together in under bites and they possess square - like lower jaws that are quite deep. .French Bull dogs have upper lips that hang over their lower lips. They have bat – like ears that stand erect but their bases are quite big, it does become smaller and triangle – like in its shape. The frontal parts of these dogs are wider than the back ends of their bodies. Their bodies appear to be like pears.. The length of their bodies are almost the same. They have straight - like .tails just like cork screws. Their claws don't touch the ground and can be taken out. French Bulldogs have average but fragile coats that are short and fine. They have loose skins on their heads and shoulders that form hollow lines on their head. Dogs of this kind have combinations of light yellowish colors together with gray, brown and a bit of white colors. These type of bulldogs are not burdensome to care for. French Bulldogs are friendly, funny and loving dogs. These dogs are always on the move and they do understand the things happening around them..

They can get rather emotional over their human masters, as seen by this video:

French Bulldogs are not yappers and they are not noted for being noisy or loud, but there are always exceptions. These dogs like to keep themselves busy because they possess a lot of energy in them. They do display keen interests in different things they like doing and these dogs are quite curious. These dogs can make you laugh because of their entertaining personalities. French Bulldogs will do fine with other dogs in your homes as long as they are the primary dog of their owners. They must be given the needed attention or else they will act stubborn. In training their French Bulldogs, owners must remember to be amiable, mild - mannered and dependable. Owners must correct their dogs if they are mischievous but this must be done in a calm manner.

French Bulldogs will reach heights of 12 inches and they will weigh between 19 – 28 pounds. They have a lifespan of 10 – 14 years,

These dogs are great for people living in apartments. They are quite busy and active when they are indoors. The good thing about these dogs is that owners won't need a large yard for them to do their exercises. Their owners must walk with their dogs and short walks will do. They must remember that their dogs must walk alongside them and not ahead of their masters. This will remind their dogs of who are their the bosses,

Owners can brush these dogs regularly because they are not heavy shedders.Their coats must be minimally cared for..

French Bulldogs are vulnerable to respiratory and eye sicknesses. Because of the shape of their faces, they can be affected by excessively warm climates. .At times, these dogs do snore.

French Bulldogs are adorable little pet dogs. Care for them regularly and they will remain loyal..

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Monday, November 1, 2010

The Energetic And Loveable Mini Schnauzers

By: Eduardo C. Gonzalez

These are great pet dogs to have around your homes. They are very popular and and are regarded to be superb show dogs.. They are quite known for their wonderful qualities. Mini Schnauzers are well established and they are considered to be one of the top ten pen pet dogs in the United States today. because of their likeable personalities.

These dogs have tremendous amount of energy packed in their miniature sizes. They must be given space and time to exercise. If they are not given this opportunity, they will become absolutely restless and bored. Mini Schnauzers must be given daily exercises so that they will not encounter weight problems. Doing daily exercises will keep their weight down. Weight gain is not good for them, it will slow them down and can cause them to become sick.

These are spirited pet dogs and these dogs strongly bond with just person and it's most probably their owners. At times, these dogs will mix around with other persons known to them, like other members of their owner's family. It's just like having a very special friend and others are considered as casual friends.

Mini Schnauzers have peculiar traits that sometime can annoy anyone. These dogs like to bark  and they do this to get your attention. By doing this, they want everyone to notice them and know where they are. These dogs need to be trained properly so that they will not do this often. If owners do not do anything to stop this kind of behavior, they will do this constantly. Mini Schnauzers are excellent watchdogs because they become wary of people they do not know, like strangers.

They are delightful pet dogs to have around you. They are astounding dogs whom children will like. Mini Schnauzers must get properly acquainted with the children and this must be done calmly. If the children create more noise than their pet dogs, their mini schnauzers might bark or bite at them. There will be no concerns if their owners will take time out to do this and they will get along quite fine. Owners must teach their children the right way to pick up their and this must done carefully. In doing so, their dogs will not get hurt nor will they react insubordinately. Generally, these pet dogs have fine relationships living with their owners and their families

These are smart dogs. Owners will have fun while training their dogs themselves. Mini Schnauzers are the type of dogs who like to learn new things and do them for their owners. They are the type of dogs that can be trained for agility performances. They like to run an a lot and take walks with their owners. They must be given persistent attention so that they will not become lonely and feel melancholic. If they acquire depression , they can develop, physical, mental and other health problems.

Mini Schnauzers have usual heights of 12 – 15 inches and they will weight at least 15 pounds.

Small as they are, these dogs will do everything in their capacity to keep their families safe. They are brave and are not fearful dogs.

Never give them greasy food because it is bad for their health. Chocolates are a not appropriate food for them because they contain toxic elements that are harmful to their health.

Mini Schnauzers are kind pet dogs and they just need to be treated appropriately.

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