Monday, November 29, 2010

The Lovingly Looking Chihuahuas

By: Ed Gonzalez

The Chihuahuas are the oldest dog breeds in the whole North American Continent.and said to be be the smallest dog breed in the world. People say that these dogs were brought to this region by the Chinese. These pet dogs are commonly natives of Mexico. Their names originated from the Mexican State of Chihuahua. The Pre- Colombian Nations considered these dogs to be holy. Chihuahuas were known to be pet dogs for those in the upper crust of society. Dog experts are not sure how these pet dogs were created but others say that these dog's ancestral roots can be traced to the Fennec Fox.

These are teensy - weensy little sized dogs but they are strongly built. Chihuahuas have well defined features. Their bodies are figuratively heavy and lengthier than their tails,. They have straight limbs These little sized dogs have tails that are similarly formed like sickles and it is curled over the chihuahuas back. The tails go to either of it's sides. Their heads are formed like apples. These pet dogs have short and pointed muzzles. Their large eyes are dark and rounded.Sometimes,  they may have ruby and clear colored eyes. These pet dogs are known for their big and triangular formed ears. They do have claws that are touching the ground and this can be taken out. Chihuahuas have tender spots on top of their heads that eventually shuts up when they are adults. These pet dogs come in two kinds, some are long haired and others are short haired. The typical types that we see around are the short haired chihuahuas. Chihuahuas also have various types of colored coats like: light yellowish brown, browny yellowish, light yellowish, browny yellowish, light reddish, reddish brown silver and medium grayish blue. These pet dogs can have coats that are colored black, tan and tri – colored.

Chihuahua sare known to be friendly and they do make good companion dogs. They are very lively, always on the lookout, respected, brave and adventurous dogs. They like it when you caress and display your affectionate ways to them. They are fun vivacious pet dogs. These dogs can be quite begrudging and they will always be behind their owners if there are strangers near them. Chihuahuas are faithful and dependable dogs. They can bond well with their owners, These pet dogs can be quite stubborn, it is important for their owners to show their chihuahuas that they are the leaders If not these dogs will display disturbing behaviors..Owners must have a set of rules that their dogs must follow. Their pet chihuahuas must know what is permissible and what is not. Owners must be decisive and in control but it must be done in very calm ways. These dogs don’t like being nudged at or teased and they will snap at children who do this to them. If they are threatened they will bite anyone with their teeth.

Chihuahuas must be acquainted with other family members so that they will get used to them If they are given the proper time to socialize, they won't develop forceful behaviors

These little pint sized pet dogs are not easy to train. They are smart and after awhile they will learn their lessons quickly. They must not be allowed to do the things that bigger dogs do or else their dogs can develop a dominant attitude that might be difficult to deal with later on. Because they are so tiny, they are treated just like babies.

These dogs must be given time to walk at least one day a week. Walking is exercise for them but more important is that walking stimulates their mind and it brings satisfaction to them. Constant weekly walks will appease their migration instincts. This is so important to these types of pet dogs. Denying their Chihuahuas this opportunity will change the behavioral patterns of their pet dogs. It will make them snappy,yappy and unfaithful.withh children and people they are not acquainted with. If these pet dogs become the leaders of their pack, they will be boldly forceful, cocky and domineering. Owners must treat their Chihuahuas the same way they treat their other bigger dogs. If they do this, their little pet dogs will have well managed tempers and they will become good playful companions for their children.

These dogs will reach heights of 6 – 9 inches .They will weigh 3 – 6 pounds . Chihuahuas are known to live for at least 14 – 18 years.

These dogs are liable to develop rheumatism, slipped stifle, colds, gum problems, corneal dryness and secondary glaucoma. They must not be given chocolates or even fertilizers, these elements can kill them. These dogs have big heads that is why it is necessary for them to go through a caesarian operation when they are born. During their early ages they are susceptible to fractures and accidents Som chihuahuas develop moleras. These are the unclosed parts of their skulls that stay tat way for as long as they live. This makes them liable to injuries. Chihuahuas have short noses that is the reason why they are known to wheeze and snore. They are also liable to develop epilepsy and seizures. Medicines for these dogs cause sixty dollars. These sicknesses  are very common for Chihuahuas just turned two years old and have been poorly bred. These dogs are proned to have styes in their eyes.The smaller bred Chihuahuas are liable to many more diseases. These little pet dogs can develop low blood sugars.and they must take in small meals to maintain their strong little bodies. They are known to get into sugar shocks very quickly and if this is not taken cared of immediately, these little and cute pet dogs will perish.. In emergency cases , their sugar levels can be restored by using Nutra Cal ( puppy vitamin gels or even maple syrup ( a little bit can pull it off ).

These dogs are adequate for apartment living. They like normal warm weather and they are not meant for cold weather. Just like other dogs they do need to be given space.

They must be given time to enjoy themselves and play around. Be sure that they are given time to walk because if not they will display disturbing behaviors. If their owners have yards that are adequateky fenced, owners must give their dogs their dogs time to run around and exercise.

Make them feel wanted and they can be your best friends forever

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