Friday, November 26, 2010

The Independent Minded Pomeranians

By: Ed Gonzalez

Pomeranians are known to come from the lineage of wolf – spitz dogs that came from the northern parts of Russia and Siberia, then they migrated to the German province of Pomerania. The forerunners of these dogs were large dogs and they weighed 30 pounds. Many famous persons like the following owned pomeranians and some of them were: Mozart Marie Antoinette, Queen Victoria and Emile Zola. They were recognized as as full breeds in the year 1870 by the Kennel Club of England. The person who was responsible for breeding the pomeranians into smaller sizes was Queen Victoria.

These dogs are known to assert themselves. Pomeranians are rather comical and they do like the outdoors. These little creatures are quite inquisitive and they know what is happening around them. They have fox – like expressions.  Pomeranians are best known for being excellent companions. They are often seen in dog competitions.. These dogs are known to have very common colors like red and orange,  although they may also have other types of color variations.

Pomeranians have solidified, and short - backed bodies. These type of dog likes to keep associating with people. They are very observant regarding things happening around their vicinity. Pomeranians  are highly intelligent, cheerful and easy going dogs  They are like detectives,  always investigating things and objects they find lingering around their areas.

These dogs weigh between 3 -7 pounds and the accurate weights for show dogs are from 4 – 6 pounds.

Their heights may differ from 7 – 11 inches. They have lifespans of 15 years..

Their heads are appropriate for their whole outlook. The muzzleof these pet dogs are slim and stunted. They have the right sizes of lips but they are prone to biting. They have skulls that are somewhat rounded but they are not well formed like semi - circles. When looking at the front and sides of these dogs you will see immediately that the ears of the pomeranians stand highly erected. These Pomeranians have dark average looking eyes. The color of their noses are different than that of their coats..Owners can remove the claws that are not touching the ground. The tail feathers of these dogs lay evenly and aligned on their backs These dogs have teeth that are entangled in scissor like bite formations. Their double coats are quite thick. They have soft but densed undercoats. Their outer coats are not nice to stare at and are rough looking. The coats surrounding their necks and chests are larger than the coats on their other body parts.. Their thickly plumed tails are rather elevated and are seen lying across their backs.

These dogs are intelligent, alert and easy to please .They are well loved by people because they are so adorable. Pomeranians are calm looking dogs and they are not difficult to train.. Dogs of this kind need firm and patient persons to take hold them. They are so enjoyable to be with because they do show a lot of hearty interest. Pomeranians display attitudes that are well appreciated by owners and other people who do not possess this kind of dog. They are watch dogs but they must be trained to bark at strangers when they are still young.

Pomeranians are known for their well pleasing personalities. At time, s these dogs can be forceful especially if they like a particular thing. Be sure not to spoil them or else you may regret owning these pet dogs. You must take control of them. Owners must be decisive domineering and confident. This they must do in a patient manner, Pomeranians must know that their owners are not equals and they must be reminded that their owners are the boss. Their pet dogs must understand this because if not they will show disturbing behavior. These pet dogs must be trained to follow a set pattern of rules so that a lot of problems can be removed.

These dogs need to exercise and walking them is the best way to do it. This will relieve the owners of behavioral concerns. They can be allowed to run around the yard but this must be well secured and they must have fences.

These dogs will be the right dogs for people living in apartments. Pomeranians must be kept busy or else they will feel bored and a lot of unfortunate things can happen if they do not have anything to do. These are good dogs for senior citizens.

Pomeranians are liable to acquire such sicknesses like dislocated patellas ( Knee – Caps ), slipped stiffle ( slipping knee joints), heart problems, eye infections and skin irritations. Crispy milk bones and dry dog food are just right for their dog's daily meal. Giving them crispy milk bones and dry dog food will keep their teeth and gums healthy. Some pomeranians are just too small. If they are pregnant they must deliver their babies by using the caesarean method. Old pomeranians usually develop bald spots because of shedding.

Brush their coats often. These pet dogs usually shed once or two times during a year, Clean their eyes everyday and they must go to the vets on a constant basis to check on their teeth.

Keep these pet dogs happy and they will remain loyal to you.

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