Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Funny French Bulldogs


By: Eduardo C .Gonzalez

The French Bulldogs roots originated from England and they were considered as a different kind of English bulldog because of their miniature sizes. It was in Nottingham where some lace makers took it upon themselves to create these diminutive kind of English Bulldogs. Later they were called” toy bulldogs.”In the 1860's these lace makers decided to go to France and they tagged along their dogs. These dogs became so popular and then their name was changed. They were now known as French Bulldogs .These dogs became instant hits and were being constantly used in dog shows. Later, these dogs were re – introduced in England because they were popular gdos and were well suited for dog shows. British dog admirers did not appreciate the new name given to these dogs but they could not do anything about it and the name remained the same.

The French Bulldogs are compact miniature and are sturdily built. They have square heads that are rather big and and their foreheads are nicely rounded. These types of bull dogs have muzzles that extend very far and are quite large in sizes. Most French Bulldogs are black colored but a few of them have a lighter shade of black.. These dogs have rounded eminent dark eyes which are distantly separated.

Their teeth have been joined together in under bites and they possess square - like lower jaws that are quite deep. .French Bull dogs have upper lips that hang over their lower lips. They have bat – like ears that stand erect but their bases are quite big, it does become smaller and triangle – like in its shape. The frontal parts of these dogs are wider than the back ends of their bodies. Their bodies appear to be like pears.. The length of their bodies are almost the same. They have straight - like .tails just like cork screws. Their claws don't touch the ground and can be taken out. French Bulldogs have average but fragile coats that are short and fine. They have loose skins on their heads and shoulders that form hollow lines on their head. Dogs of this kind have combinations of light yellowish colors together with gray, brown and a bit of white colors. These type of bulldogs are not burdensome to care for. French Bulldogs are friendly, funny and loving dogs. These dogs are always on the move and they do understand the things happening around them..

They can get rather emotional over their human masters, as seen by this video:

French Bulldogs are not yappers and they are not noted for being noisy or loud, but there are always exceptions. These dogs like to keep themselves busy because they possess a lot of energy in them. They do display keen interests in different things they like doing and these dogs are quite curious. These dogs can make you laugh because of their entertaining personalities. French Bulldogs will do fine with other dogs in your homes as long as they are the primary dog of their owners. They must be given the needed attention or else they will act stubborn. In training their French Bulldogs, owners must remember to be amiable, mild - mannered and dependable. Owners must correct their dogs if they are mischievous but this must be done in a calm manner.

French Bulldogs will reach heights of 12 inches and they will weigh between 19 – 28 pounds. They have a lifespan of 10 – 14 years,

These dogs are great for people living in apartments. They are quite busy and active when they are indoors. The good thing about these dogs is that owners won't need a large yard for them to do their exercises. Their owners must walk with their dogs and short walks will do. They must remember that their dogs must walk alongside them and not ahead of their masters. This will remind their dogs of who are their the bosses,

Owners can brush these dogs regularly because they are not heavy shedders.Their coats must be minimally cared for..

French Bulldogs are vulnerable to respiratory and eye sicknesses. Because of the shape of their faces, they can be affected by excessively warm climates. .At times, these dogs do snore.

French Bulldogs are adorable little pet dogs. Care for them regularly and they will remain loyal..

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