Monday, November 1, 2010

The Energetic And Loveable Mini Schnauzers

By: Eduardo C. Gonzalez

These are great pet dogs to have around your homes. They are very popular and and are regarded to be superb show dogs.. They are quite known for their wonderful qualities. Mini Schnauzers are well established and they are considered to be one of the top ten pen pet dogs in the United States today. because of their likeable personalities.

These dogs have tremendous amount of energy packed in their miniature sizes. They must be given space and time to exercise. If they are not given this opportunity, they will become absolutely restless and bored. Mini Schnauzers must be given daily exercises so that they will not encounter weight problems. Doing daily exercises will keep their weight down. Weight gain is not good for them, it will slow them down and can cause them to become sick.

These are spirited pet dogs and these dogs strongly bond with just person and it's most probably their owners. At times, these dogs will mix around with other persons known to them, like other members of their owner's family. It's just like having a very special friend and others are considered as casual friends.

Mini Schnauzers have peculiar traits that sometime can annoy anyone. These dogs like to bark  and they do this to get your attention. By doing this, they want everyone to notice them and know where they are. These dogs need to be trained properly so that they will not do this often. If owners do not do anything to stop this kind of behavior, they will do this constantly. Mini Schnauzers are excellent watchdogs because they become wary of people they do not know, like strangers.

They are delightful pet dogs to have around you. They are astounding dogs whom children will like. Mini Schnauzers must get properly acquainted with the children and this must be done calmly. If the children create more noise than their pet dogs, their mini schnauzers might bark or bite at them. There will be no concerns if their owners will take time out to do this and they will get along quite fine. Owners must teach their children the right way to pick up their and this must done carefully. In doing so, their dogs will not get hurt nor will they react insubordinately. Generally, these pet dogs have fine relationships living with their owners and their families

These are smart dogs. Owners will have fun while training their dogs themselves. Mini Schnauzers are the type of dogs who like to learn new things and do them for their owners. They are the type of dogs that can be trained for agility performances. They like to run an a lot and take walks with their owners. They must be given persistent attention so that they will not become lonely and feel melancholic. If they acquire depression , they can develop, physical, mental and other health problems.

Mini Schnauzers have usual heights of 12 – 15 inches and they will weight at least 15 pounds.

Small as they are, these dogs will do everything in their capacity to keep their families safe. They are brave and are not fearful dogs.

Never give them greasy food because it is bad for their health. Chocolates are a not appropriate food for them because they contain toxic elements that are harmful to their health.

Mini Schnauzers are kind pet dogs and they just need to be treated appropriately.

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