Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Actively Energetic JacK Russell Terrriers

By: Eduardo C. Gonzalez

The Jack Russell  Terriers were first bred by an English man named Jack Russell and they do come from England. Thees dogs were used to hunt foxes and they were very good at digging holes and were known for getting out foxes from their hiding places. They were primarily bred to be used for small game hunting,

These dogs need to live in homes that have bigger spaces and with yards. Jack Russell Terriers are not suitable fer people living in apartments. If these dogs are living with their owners in apartments or condominiums, they must be given enough exercise to compensate for the lack of space. These dogs are rather inquisitive dogs. They do like to check things out, run and do a lot of chasing. Jack RussellTerrier  dogs are very active and they must be kept preoccupied, If their owners have yards, they must have the correct type of fences in order to keep their dogs in their yards. These dogs are well regarded for their climbing abilities. Owners must be on the look out when these dogs are running in open areas like their yards. Walking and strolling are a must for these dogs, It's part of their daily regimen of exercises. Jack Russell are rather inquisitive dogs.

These dogs are assertive, powerful but  quite  joyful dogs to have as pets,. Jack Russell Terrier dogs are intelligent and loyal pet dogs, Although they are well known for running after foxes, these dogs are efficient rat killers.  Jack Russell Terrier pet dogs can amuse anyone with their array of funny acts. Dogs belonging to this breed are very entertaining. They seem to possess never ending energies and they can be overwhelming. Owners must understand their dog and they can do this by giving their dogs adequate attention. Do not keep these dogs with other dogs because they can be very assertive. If Owners have a  pair of Jack Russell pet dogs, these dogs must never be left alone unattended,.There have been cases of them  killing their partners or severely wounding one of them The owners of these dogs must recognize their capabilities to  hunt.Prospective owners must learn about thire qualities of these JackRussell  Terriers before acquiring them. Jack Russell  Terrier puppies must have regular check ups upon reaching the age of eight weeks. This is an important matter that owners must know about. These dogs will go after cats and other smaller animals vigorously because it's their instinct to hunt.

These dogs are very strong and they have been known to fight animals twice their sizes. It's an important factor for owners to have a firm grip on their dogs. These are dogs who don't know the meaning of fear and they will not yield until they accomplish what they are doing. Jack Russell Terrriers are ntelligent dogs and their owners must realize this. Do not leave them outside of your homes because these dogs will keep on hunting. These dogs are so focused and they can stay without food for several days when they are in their hunting mode. Owners will have a dreadful experience if they can't find their dogs and this could be disastrous for their pet dogs.

These great pet dogs adapt so well with older children because these are friendly dogs. Smaller children must learn to handle their Jack Russell Terriers.They can do this by getting to know them in a tender manner These children  must be assisted by the owners of these dogs.These are wonderful pet dogs for older children. They are calm and friendly dogs. They can be friendly with smaller children as long as these children are familiar with handling Jack Russell Terriers. If their Jack Russell Terriers  are teased too much, they will snap. Owners must be extra careful if they have children six years of age and under.

These dogs will reach as much as 10 – 12 inches in height and will weigh 14 – 18 pounds. Their lifespan is fifteen years.

Owners must take notice of their coats and take care for it by brushing their hair at least once a week. If they have rough coats, their rough coats must be removed.

These dogs are liable for having their kneecaps dislocated. They do encounter health problems such as eye diseases, epilepsy, hip dysplasia and deafness.

Train these dogs at their early age because they will be difficult to do so as they get older.

Be good to these dogs and they will amuse you for a long time.

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