Monday, October 18, 2010

The Insightful Beagles

By Eduardo C. Gonzalez

Beagles are dogs that exude warmth and are very affectionate dogs. They are superb dogs to have for your families. They have so much energy in them and they need to have daily exercises to keep them in shape. These dogs need a lot of of space so that they can roam around and release their excess energy. Having a nice big yard will be good for these dogs. These dogs like to search for things and they are really excellent dogs when it comes to hunting. Their intuition for hunting is superb. Beagles will never cease to fascinate their owners.

Their sense of smell is quite powerful. Beagles come in two distinct sizes. There are beagles measuring under thirteen inches and the others measure thirteen to fifteen inches. Though their sizes may be different but their character and other attributes remain the same. The Beagles are relatively short and commonly they have color mixtures of black, white and tan colors. Experienced pet dog owners can easily notice beagles that are either colored black or tan with white markings,

These dogs have exceptional attitudes that make them so loveable. They are very loyal and they do exhibit a lot of playfulness. These are the characteristics that their owners admire in them. They need to have regular walks with their owners but they do not need much socialization. When taking their dogs for a walk, their beagles must be properly leashed so that they will not stray away from the path their owners are taking. You have to remember that these are hunting dogs and they will instinctively hunt. They need to have a lot of playing time,. For this reason, it is necessary for their owners to let them loose in their yards. Their yards must be fenced properly so that their dogs will not escape. If you want watchdogs, then the beagles will be suitable for your needs. They will keep on barking as soon as they see anyone approaching your homes. Though they are good watchdogs, beagles are not meant to be guard dogs, since they are so friendly even towards people they do not know.

Beagles hail from England and were known for their hunting skills and they did hunt in groups or pairs. Initially, they were used to hunt down rabbits and that is the main reason why they were bred as pack hounds. In the 1700's, they were primarily used to hunt down foxes, because this type of sport was quite famous at that time. The Beagles we see today were those that were developed in the 1800's and they first came to the United States in1876.. Others claim that these dogs came from the lineage of the talbot hounds owned by William “ The Conqueror.”The Beagles are quite popular in the United States.

Beagles weigh usually between 18 – 30 pounds and they live for at least 12 – 13 years.

Give them affection and they will remain faithful to their owners.

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