Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Laws Protecting Askals

By Mona Sabalones Gonzalez

At a recent dog event I ran into Greg Quimpo of Animal Kingdom Foundation. I saw something interesting in the AKF display—a poster that was translated in both Korean and English. I asked him why AKF did that, and he explained, “Koreans are fond of dog meat as food, especially in Baguio where Filipinos, especially Igorots, also eat dog food.”

Do not let this be misinterpreted as Koreanophobia. There are many Koreans now in the Philippines, and the truth is, it seems to me that their blending in with the Philippine community has been a lot easier than that of other waves of nationals who had come in previously. I tried at one point to understand why, and my theory is that it is because there were initially so many Korean students who came in to study English.

Young people tend to be very accepting and open and in my daughter’s high school there was one year when a whole group of Koreans suddenly came in. The friendships lasted and they go to each other’s parties. It is as if there is no distinction at all.

Koreans are very polite and helpful. In a coffee shop I recall one student offering his help to a group of Filipino women who seemed to have trouble starting their laptop. I think integration should always start with young people.

But where dog meat is concerned, this is something that is common among Chinese, Koreans and Filipinos. In China it is a delicacy and dogs are raised as cattle. In Europe dogs were eaten in war times, especially in France. So AKF made a poster against dog eating half in Korean because of their very quick growing population in our country, and half in English for Filipinos.

Here is the Philippine law on dog food: Buying or selling dog meat for human consumption is illegal. A violator can be jailed or deported.

Republic Act 9482 “Anti-Rabies Act of 2007” states: Any person who engages in buying or selling (trading) of dogs for meat for human consumption will be penalized and subjected to imprisonment for one to four years.

If the violation is committed by an alien, he or she shall be immediately deported after serving of sentence without any further proceedings.

Beware, too, of the fatal rabies virus! Dogs are the main carrier of rabies, and once the virus enters your body, you will die!

Report Violators Immediately.

Call PNP 02-723-0401 to 20 or Animal Kingdom Foundation: AKF Center: 045-6150895; AKF text: 0920-9835109 or


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