Saturday, June 26, 2010

Weaning Love Birdies Abundantly

By Eduardo Gonzalez

Newly born love birdies are fed formulated food with a syringe. But after five or six weeks, they will get irritated at being fed the same food all the time. Never force the birdies to do something against their will. Start giving them a wider array of foods when this happens.

This is called abundance weaning, and it is the trend in birdie raising nowadays.  Experienced owners and breeders find it easier to do abundance weaning and it is more beneficial for the love birdies, too.

By contrast forced weaning—where humans control everything—involves giving love birdies a scheduled eating time and provides a set amount of food. In abundance weaning the love birdies are given different kinds of food like tinges of veggies and fruits that are always available.
At the same time the human continues to hand feed the birdies, so that they will develop faith and trust in their humans. As mutual respect and trust sets in, the beginning of a long-term relationship takes hold.

Abundance weaning starts out for the love birdies’ nutrition but ultimately it will also provide emotional relief and security. Never let them go hungry. Always offer them new choices of food on hand. 

Weaning birdies in this way builds their inner confidence and they will remain secure in their new environment. It will also provide them the intellectual and emotional development that they are in dire need of.
It will show the love birdies that their humans are aware of their love birdies’ needs. The love birdies will determine for themselves when the hand feeding should stop.
Many breeders have said that abundance breeding is the best way to wean grown up love birds, too. They like having the freedom to do what they want, and abundance weaning allows this.

When love birds have their own birdies, they will not need their human’s help in rearing their young. This is in their character--they want to make choices on their own. Need I belabor? Abundance weaning is good for these love birdies.

Do be watchful and make sure that the love birdies do not lose too much weight. They are not like other birds that eat to their hearts’ content when they are being weaned. Love birds tend to eat little by little rather than stuff themselves all at once. It is only during parenting when they will eat heavily.

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