Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Some Truths About Love Birds

By Eduardo Gonzalez

There are nine species of love birds in the world, and eight of these species are found in Africa.  They became popular because of European bird enthusiasts and writers who visited the continent and fell in love with them.

The scientific surname of Love Birds is Psittacidae and their group is called Psittaculini.  They belong to the Agapomis class.

The old Alfred Hitchcock thriller, “The Birds” brought a lot of attention to love birds because the main character, a woman, bought a pair of them to give to a child in a small town that she was visiting.

When she arrived with the love birds, the town was attacked by wild birds by the hundreds who targeted people and homes like giant killer bees, killing many and leaving destruction in their wake.

In its time the movie caused quite a stir and some people illogically presumed that the love birds caused all the other birds in the town to go wild.  This is because the movie never explained what caused the attacks. 

Poor love birds.  The truth is, these lovable birds are great pets because they don’t take up much space, making them great for condominium living or small homes.  They also love the attention of their humans, so you need never feel lonely. 

They will climb on your finger and despite their short, sturdy bodies they can do a lot.  Sometimes they will dance for you.  They love to investigate their surroundings, and in general they are very playful.  They have a lovely chirping voice.  Life is not boring with love birds.

There are nine species of love birds: The Madagascar, the Red Face, the Abyssinian, the Black Colored Los, the Peach Face, the Nyasa,  the Black Cheek, the Fischer’s and the Masked Love Birds. Using just their names alone you could write a fictional adventure novel.

The most common pet love birds are the Peach Faced lovebirds, Fischer’s love birds and Masked love birds.  In general, love birds are smart and have similar capabilities to larger parrots.

 Warning—NEVER cross – bred these birds, or they will be infertile.  If you take good care of your birds, the will live from 15-20 years—longer than dogs.  Like dogs, these parakeets need your commitment.  You have to invest time to make them feel accepted and loved.   

You also need to take time to train them.  If you do, these love birds will make great pets and they will give you many years of happiness. 

We found a seven minute video of love birds that shows them at play:

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