Monday, May 3, 2010

Preparing Your Home For Your Love Birds’ Arrival

By Eduardo Gonzalez
There used to be a time when we believed getting a pair of love birds was as simple as buying the birds in their cage, and some food supply.  Not anymore.  We now realize that any investment in a pet is something serious.  We are dealing with living things, whose lives we are changing.  We owe it to them to give them our best care, because they will give us their best love.  So if we decide to bring home a pair of love birds, our home should be ready for it.
Here are some things you can do to make your home love bird friendly.
1.      Decide on the type of love birds you want to buy.  Of all the bird pets in the world, the one with the most categories is the love birds.
2.     Do your research.  Once you know what type of love bird you are going to buy, read up on the type of dwelling that will suit them best, the things they will need, and the proper care and feeding.  Here is a short list:
Things Needed:
1.     Bird Cages.   Be sure that your cage is the right size for your love birds.  Do your research and determine what the right measurements should be for your bird cage.  Also, be sure that you have a high place in your home where you can safely put your birds.  Make sure the location is comfortable and airy, and that there is not too much noise in the surrounding area.  Love birds are very sensitive to loud noises and the get stressed easily.
1.     Take note of all your house companions.  Everyone in your home must know how to take care of the love birds, or at least the type of environment needed to keep them safe and what their needs are to be healthy.  Be sure that your home companions will be compatible with your love birds.
2.     Cage Accessories.  Choose the toys that are right for your love birds.  They should be just the right size for them.  They should be safe, sturdy and not break easily.  The beaks of love birds are quite powerful.  Make sure that all the accessories are well placed in your love bird’s cage one day before your birds’ arrival.  Some accessories should be perches that are the right size, water and food in the right areas of their cages, and a liner underneath the cage trays to monitor their droppings.  That way, when your love birds step into their cages, everything will be ready for them.
3.     Food, Special Treats, Vitamins and Supplements.  Ask the breeder of your love birds what their diet and supplements are, and have them ready when your love birds come home.  Sometimes you may have a love bird that is very choosy with its meals.  Ask your breeder if a vet had prescribed vitamins and supplements for them.  All these things should be well stocked before your love birds settle into their new home.
4.     Find a good vet.  Be sure you have a good vet beforehand, and make an appointment with them so that they can examine your love birds and assess their health.  Ask your vet as many questions as you think you need to.  Ask for advice on how to care for your love birds.  Your vet can give you valuable information on their care and maintenance.
5.      Get a First Aid Kit.  Anything can happen to love birds.  These birds are very active and they often get into accidents.  Be prepared.

A pet is a living thing that needs more than what you spend on them.  The pet needs your commitment to stand by them through thick and thin.  They can live for up to 20 years.  They need a human who will take the initiative to anticipate their needs and have them ready as much as possible. 
A happy love bird will one day come to regard its human as a member of its flock.  That is when you will know that you are doing a good job. 

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