Friday, April 30, 2010

How to Love Your Love Birds

By Eduardo Gonzalez

Love birds are great pets, but they can also be quite demanding.  They can be quirky.  They are very sociable, and require attention from their humans, and when they don’t get it they can be temperamental.  How much attention are you willing to give your love birds?  The answer to that question will have a lot to do with the quality of the relationship you will have with your pets.

If you were a different sort of human you would think the relationship is unfair.  I mean, can these birds care for you?  But if you were that kind of human, you wouldn’t have gotten love birds in the first place.  The truth is, these birds can give you a lot of happiness and companionship.  They will amaze you with their antics and playfulness.  They will perform tricks for you. 

Love birds always need to be paired, that’s a given.  Once partnered, they will stay by each other’s side till death.  Now, you might feel left out of such a relationship, but don’t.  They want your companionship, too.

Here are some ways that you can love your love birds:
1.     Bond.  Once the birds are attached to their human, they will consider them as one of their flock.  Yes, you will have become another bird to them.  If you want to enjoy such high esteem with your pets you need to spend time with them every day.  Do it at the same time each day.  Play with your birds.   And I’m talking about your pets, don’t misinterpret, dirty mind!  Let your love birds exercise by flying around in the room.  Converse with them, and your love birds will listen intently.
2.     Be devoted.  Be as gentle with your love birds as you would be to a newly born child.  Be available for them when they need you, and make sure that their daily needs are always met.
3.      Be solicitous.  Make sure they have the proper cages and materials inside their cages.  Give them the right food and good nutrition.  Always feed them on time.  Make sure that nothing in their cage is toxic.  Keep their cages clean, and their food fresh.  All of their materials in their cages must be non toxic.  Owners must make sure that their cages are clean and that their food must not be spoiled.  When their trays of water are empty and their food is all gone, take them out immediately.  Never raise your voice to them, not even when you are near them.  They are very sensitive to loud sounds so always retain a modulated volume.  They frighten easily.
4.     Protect them.  Keep them save.  Train them so they don’t acquire bad habits.  If you catch them plucking their feathers, stop them.  And when they are outside of their cages, keep your eye on them.  Don’t leave them just anywhere.  There have been unfortunate accidents where love birds were stepped on or sat upon because they are so tiny.
5.     Be affectionate.  Gently cuddle and caress them.  Let them know you love them.  Give them special treats as rewards when they are good.

That is how you can love your love birds.

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