Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Fischer’s Love Birds

By Eduardo Gonzalez

Fischer’s Love Birds are small--48 to 53 gm—but don’t be fooled by their size.  They are considered among the most beautiful birds in the parrot group.  Blame it on their shiny green breast plumage, yellow bibs (sometimes red, orange or brown), dark green wings and tail, and the thick white rings framing their eyes.
And they mate all year round.  The females can lay three to five eggs every other day, and their birdies hatch three weeks later.  They are mama’s birdies and must stay with her for 10 to 14 days before you can hand feed them.  They can live for up to 20 years.
Fischer’s are smart.  They can do tricks like turning around, waving and placing objects into boxes.  But they are not natural talkers, although a few try and manage to emit a rough, unclear sound.
Funny thing about Fischer’s—you can’t tell the males from the females.  There is only one way to know--through DNA testing.  Send 2-4 feathers to the lab and expect 99% accuracy.
The females can become territorial and continually bite.  Don’t tolerate that.  Try moving things in around in their cages, or place the cage in a different location now and then.
Buying a Fischer’s
Only buy Fischer’s from breeders who are passionate enough to hand feed the birds and interact with them regularly, because Fischer Love Birds that have been hand fed are easier to tame.
Once you have your Fischer’s, gradually introduce them to a wide array of nutritional foods like leafy green veggies and fruits.

My Thoughts:  Have you ever noticed how oftentimes people who have been married together for a very long time tend to look like each other?  Maybe they were Fischer’s in a previous life.  Lol.

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