Thursday, February 11, 2010

DOGFIGHT 2: What To Do With The Bruises

Okay, after having had my little fracas with the dogs (as mentioned in my last entry) I took stock of my bruises and am rather unsatisfied with how they are healing.

Call that episode my Masters Degree in making all the wrong moves.  Getting between two fighting dogs is NOT the thing to do.  But not knowing better, I did it to saveAska one of my dogs, and there is no regret in that.

Bruise care:  THAT was totally stupid.  First, I took quite a bit of time using a wet towel to stop my wounds and that of my dog.  When my daughter Kat and her boyfriend Luis came home, Kat took charge of applying hydrogen peroxide and Betadine to my wounds, with Luis helping her.  Then Ed came and silly me, I asked him to buy me some antibiotics, which he did on the spot.  In the photo above, you can see part of my arm and the resultant bruise.  Yecch.

You see, I figured dog bites were just wounds like getting scratched, and bruises were like what you get when you slip and fall.  I knew the rabies and tetanus aspects were covered as my dogs’ shots and vaccinations were up to date, as was my booster shot.  But as a precaution I self prescribed the antibiotic.

I have been staying indoors and feeling impatient with slowly healing bruises.  So I called a doctor friend and this is what she told me not to do with a bruise:

DO NOT TAKE AN ANTIBIOTIC.  It can worsen the bruise.  Instead:

1.      Elevate the bruised limb or if it is on the torso, lie down for 24 hours (which I did anyway as I was very sleepy for two days).
2.     Apply ice or frozen peas to the bruise.  (Too late for that).

More about bruises:

1.     It will look red, then turn blue or purple shortly after.  If it turns green or yellow, it may take a few days to heal.  (Thankfully mine are turning yellow mostly).
2.     Good foods for bruises:  Lemons, green peppers, broccoli, rose hips (they have bioflavonoids which protect the capillaries) and best of all, vitamin C.
3.     Drinking herbal tea helps to control blood flow.

So that is my next lesson to pass on to anyone who gets a bruise from being bitten by their fully vaccinated dog.  Next time, I will write about how to make dogs that had a bad fight become friends again.  Because the story is not over yet, the dogs still have a grudge but they are getting to be friendlier day by day.


maureen said...

You are insane to get in between your dogs when they are fighting.. hehe.. next time, use water. it always works. Luv yah tita!

euthymic said...

ya, now i know. let's hang out when my bruises are gone.