Saturday, January 2, 2010

It Just Takes One

It just takes one container van to cause traffic distress on a two lane side road of South Superhighway. The motorcycles are passing through, but the cars are stalled. That's Ed's back, checking things out.
Another driver also steps out of his car.
It just takes a little drizzle to make a bad situation worse. Only the motorcycles are getting through.

Now a bevy of motorcycles make their way. Thanks to that one container van, no one else can.

Suddenly a two lane road becomes three. People are working their way through the mess. If only there were one policeman to set things right.

Beyond the container van you see stalled cars and jeepneys. But the jeep on our lane can't move forward because the traffic caused by the container van made the cars behind it drive on two lanes.....ours and its.

See this man in the red shorts? He is not a policeman. But it just takes one man in red shorts to fix the mess up. He starts directing the cars so they can move ahead of that nutty container van.

Although he bears no authority on his own, he steps in and signals our car to give way so the others can get through.

And that's how we made it home that day. Wealthy and middle class car owners who were used to being served, and truck drivers who knew how to disappear, and police men who perhaps did not want to brave the rain and so did not do their job, led one simple man in a pair of red shorts and slippers to step up. Who is he? A hero. A hero who does not recognize this inside himself.
Maybe in real life he makes money helping cars park and getting a peso each time. I don't know, but at this moment of time he stepped up and became THE MAN. We waste our nation's most precious resources-our people. If this man were educated, what would he have become? His main concern in life, I suspect, is just to find a job.

Lest a drizzle become a downpour (come to think of it, we are beyond a downpour, we have had floods like Ondoy) let us do what we can. Educate someone. If you can't give time, a little money helps. I would recommend you look up The Real Life Foundation at Every donation, large or small, counts. Because it just takes one person to roll the ball forward.

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