Wednesday, December 30, 2009

styling and photography

I am a writer, but I love doing other things too, like styling and phtography. For Ju.D's cookies, the challenge was to get students to go for more gourmet quality cookies rather than the usual chocolate chip or oatmeal cookie. The strategy was to choose two student achievers, Kat Gonzalez and Renzo Claudio. they are president and vice president of their college debate club respectively. Kat is a consistent Dean's Lister, and Renzo has had some acting experience.
The second thing we wanted was for models who are not really model gorgeous. They had to lo0k like average students. Third, we wanted them to look like they weren't posing. I have an aversion to obviously posed photos. To do this, we didn't tell them how to pose. Instead, we gave them stories to work out, and I would photograph them as they worked out their stories.

The first story focused on the theme "Friendship" and as they worked on that, I just shot away.

This was one of the last stories they did. It focused on "Play-fight" and this was their subdued play version. They were quite tired by then.

The campaign came out quite well, we landed in the top dailies like the Bulletin, Inquirer, and Philippine STAR.

"Fight". The shots didn't work but it got some energy from them, and afterwards we found a winning shot from the "play" story.


I enjoyed the way they used their own imagination and just acted like themselves with each theme.

The second story was "Romance".

This was their "Friendship" story. I let them plan their clothes for each story to retain that "natural" look. Its great to work with models who don't need to be micro managed.