Thursday, January 29, 2009

Hongkong Part 2

One blog I enjoy is called "Stand by Your Statue". But in Repulse Bay (so called because the Brits had the opium wars here and then repulsed the pirates or bugi men aka bogeymen) we found a platform where you could be a statue. Kat, puleezeeee!
Look how mommy and daddy do it. and we don't need the platform.

Let me help you out. lifet one leg back...extension kat, extension!

Well, to add more to my version of "stand by your statue" i tried "stand by this garbage can".

And 'stand beside this wall poster."

sometimes the leg up thing can be corny. so this is called "3 foot with klez"

"Stand by the poster"
"3 foot klez take 2"

My bufff, my buff my buff my buff (sung to tune of Fergie's "My hump")
nuff said.
"Stand by your flower plant"

"Stand by and destroy ergonomic sign"

"Be a plant. Be one with the plant. Just be."

I really stood by this statue.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Hongkong Part I

When I was in grade school I lived in Hongkong for a year. At that time, there were still rickshaws in the street, and you could cruise the harbor in a boat driven with a paddle by an old woman. The Philippines was richer than Hongkong then, just imagine! We had a maid named Asi and a driver named Tong, who once ate with us at the table and slurped so much, we each quietly and discreetly went our separate ways. I loved Hongkong then, it was a fairyland for a child. the pagodas, the people sewing in the streets, the Chinese writing, the mountains.
The second time I visited Hongkong was 15 years ago. It was still under the British. We didn't do much shopping, but we took a tour and visited a friend of my husband's and went to church. We were comfortable and happy.
Last December, we went again, and it was quite cosmopolitan. The bridges, the buildings, the shopping. But I also found out why I loved Hongkong so much. The singsong quality of the language (I love words), the way they write in pictures, the way their words, when translated, seem to be part of a song.
These are some signs I took photos of in Hongkong:

Who puts a sign to say a place is for passing? It does have a lilt to it, though:)

The stores enjoy adding adjectives to their names.

Makes me wonder how different it is now from old generation vegetarians:)

I first thought they meant something else when I read "manure bucket". Then I realized it must have been fertilizer, kasi what i originally thought of is what they had spitoons for.

Fishmonger -- nice word:)

Carp, but the text font makes the word have melody.

Yes, I will, I would have even if you didn't say please.

The phrase i liked here is "Chan Clan"

A nice way to announce the entrance to a museum:)

"advice of the Antiquities Advisory Board" Can you hear the lilt? And I like the use of "Antiquities" unlike saying "Museum Advisory Board" or "Antiques"-- wait, would there be an advisory board for antiques?

"Apart from paddy", love the "P" sound, just like "Passing Place"

"old street"

"Lion Land". Did there use to be lions here?

"Reclining Fairy"

A nice way to remind us to be considerate

We saw some signs like these just left standing on some streets. I think they were political statements.

This one made me laugh.

All the above were part of a list of instructions before you enter the toilet. "Use less water" "caution: wet floor" And the rest of it is below, "No video taking or photo taking".
Nice to know there is a dispensary like this:)

Could not understand these but yes, there were some walls like this, too.

Left Lane. Remember Ling of Ally Macbeal? You had to say her name with a soft "L", soft "g". Try it with "Left Lane"

Another of those signs that we would sometimes see left on the road, sometimes propped on chairs.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Borrowed images part 3

Yes, he's an actor. I just don't remember....Lyka, DONT eat the actor!
Only I can make a fool of me. But Tolits gallantly tries to save my reputation.

Meanwhile Lyka gets BOTH arms wrapped around the actor...
And my "dancers" still tried to rescue me from myself.....Thanks guys-- george, rigor, uly, jem, sir andrew, kurt.....
Tolits says truly tries his very best....that's what makes him so lovable in stu:)
makes a great santa clause aka usher, too...
Jem and Sir Andrew
chippendale got nuttin on jem, kurt, uly et al

"macho macho man...."

diz could be a seen frm a movie

Rigor says "really? those are YOUR glasses?"

All dudes. ALL DUDES one with dimples
if you put the two half faces on the edges together you get....
shake it shake it babeh
we aint shy bout bein stud muffins
and then lyka found her truuueeee loooovvvvveeeee
sometimes, it's cool to be kul
Me? the responsible one?
natalie and mau
wave wave like the least until i can think of a better caption....