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Stuff This Year and Last

At this time last year we were in Hongkong. This is what we saw every night from our hotel window.
View 2 too for tu. Below is the dog of Lifechange, Where Quinito stays.

That's Kat sitting right outside of Lifechange. Beyond is Dr. Randy Dellosa's office.

This is Quinito's painting which was displayed in an art exhibit in UP Diliman. His was the most popular painting.

Quinito, my bro in law. We like to call him our living angel.

Hi there bro:)

Ok there is no organizational sense to this, which is why we are now at the bust of Rizal at Instituto Cervantes. Ed studied Spanish there and got up to level 10, I believe:)

On Repulse Bay in Hongkong, I was delighted with the fruit in this tree.

Nature sculpture at Repulse Bay. Above and below.

Me me me me me me me. OH, in music, mi mi mi mi mi mi mi.

In the hotel lobby Ed did his crazy pose. Yes, that's as far as it gets.

Well, there is only one master at the CP (crazy pose). Now if I could somehow convert this skill into making money.....

I guess she felt the need to compensate for her parents.

So I tried to explain to her that in a country where even panda bears congregate for dinner, nothing can be too crazy.

OK, now we are at the Fort in the Philippines. Ed and I decided to attend this Mensa thing.

There were drinks, lectures, and free magazines.

Cute car, yes?

That is Kris Aquino's Baby James. We saw him at ABS. Kris' studio was next to Kat's studio when she had this debate.

So we went to Bali. Actually, we landed in Jakarta at midnight and transferred to another airport which would be closed til 4 a.m. So a group of us sat outside and I pretended I was in the Amazing Race. Our flight to Bali was at 6 a.m. and we saw this sunset while boarding our plane.

That is Claudia and Kat at the NAIA. I told you there would be no sequential sense to this. They were texting their boyfriends before leaving for Bali.

Ok now this is while waiting outside the Jakarta airport. I noticed the cats had crooked tails.

Ha Ha back to Hongkong. This was the Sam Tung Museum. Reminiscent of Wang Lung's house in "The Good Earth" by Pearl Buck. I didn't understand why something like this was in front of every courtyard...

Paper lanterns like these would be the chandeliers of their time. Well, the Chinese invented paper. Then the Japanese got origami. I digress.

A child's room in such a great house had it's own dining set.

This would have been a lavish bedroom with its own potty. The chest to the right would have been a closet. Today, these are objects of decor where you keep linens.

This would have been a family dining room in one of the courtyards.

Red lanterns. Well the Chinese invented know the rest. Finally, I wonder if we will have a computer lantern.

So this is all the stuff you use when you are getting married. The bride sits in that big vertical rectangular one there.

Back to the Philioppines, but maybe not for long. This is the wall in Perk's Cafe near my house. I hope they reopen soon....they are renovating.

My favorite book is right up there.

Ok back to Hongkong, the Sam Tung museum. This picture was at the door of every court of rooms. So I figure this must be Chan, the rich farmer who owned the house.

Ed and Kat in one of the outdoor corridors of the museum.

This is a raincoat the farmers used in those days.

Circle fish child flowers life

Pathway in Sam Tung

Truly, they called this the "cockloft". HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

In our hotel, Kat wanted me to take a picture of her boots.

The hotel had a gym with all sorts of exercisers, you could even watch TV while working out. There was also a jacuzzi, weights, everything. So Ed and I always came here at the end of the day.

Our favorite workout was the electric massage chairs.

I am quite svelte in the art of mingling. I always wore my T-shirt with Chinese writing on it.

As the others did the treadmill, I sang "Sit down you're rocking the boat".

She tries not to show it, but she really loves me:)

Yes baby, I know:):):)

As my buff and I got our nightly massage at the gym, we would talk through the plant and pretend we were in a jungle.

Waiting at the airport.

This is the Taro Ubud Elephant Farm in Bali. A lot of the guests were Russians, among other nationalities.

He is like a holy man and you have to give a donation before you go into the farm.

Kat and Claudia in the farm.

They are all rescued elephants who now live in a beautiful place that is their home.

It is so easy to fall in love with these elephants.

They play basketball, paint, play soccer, and lots of other things.

Signs along the way.

To the left are these poles with plants and flowers fronting every house. I couldn't catch the top in this shot.

Kat and Claudia in the taxi.

They found a cozy spot in the elephant farm. Even now they wish they could go back. I think they also loved clubbing at night.

That's Winnie Churchill when she was a pup. Her toys are all history. What she failed to completely chew, Ashley Pumpernickel and later Mocha Barney finished off for her.

She was and is very beautiful.


I believe this was in Silver City near Tiendesitas. If I'm not mistaken, Kat was modeling in a swimwear fashion show, so Ed and I stepped out for coffee while waiting.

Guess what I'm eating? What may be the oldest fruitcake in the Philippines. John Fernandez had kept one of Ju.D Lao's fruitcakes for seven years and we wanted to see if it was still good. I ate quite a bit of it, but it would have been better if John basted it with rhum every six months. Nonetheless, I ate and ate...

John cuts his seven year old Ju.D Blue, which is her coffee fruitcake. This is actually a piece of Philippine fruitcake history.....

It is perfect, the wrapping is THAT good. But dry because you know, the rhum basting thing. Still, I loved the fruitiness of it. And it still smelled good....


She was dignified yet shy, loving with laid back humor, wise and very, very strong.

My hubby Ed Gonzalez did an English training course for the Wallem Maritime Services Inc. These were some of his pupils.

He likes to add a lot of activities that make use of a specific English skill when he teaches.

This class picture was taken on graduation day. Actually, I was just there to add "beauty". But I would also take notes during his classes of students and their particular problems so he could plan for the next session.

Ashley Pumpernickel grew up to be our biggest dog, most loving, friendly and kind. She is so strong but has never hurt Winnie Churchill who is 1/3 her weight. In fact Winnie picks on her. She is protective of Mocha Barney. Mocha always stands beside Ashley when she's afraid of Winnie.

Ashley was a gift from Claudia. Claudia let Kat choose, and so Kat picked Ashley:)

Here is another group where Ed taught English and I taught writing. This is the Philippines-Canadian Cooperation Office. We really loved this group.

The staff was very focused.

My guy handed out certificates at the end of the seminar.

He loves teaching English.

He works carefully with each student.

And they get whiteboard time too, to share what they learn. We have had some really good clients including ABS-CBN, Goldilocks, Agile Maritime, and others.

This is a convention we attended for a client whose publicity we were handling. It was a vitamin E with tocotrienols, good for aging people and a doctor was scheduled to speak about the vitamin.

I was surprised to see a family friend there, Dr. Oposa, whom my mother always called "Tonying". He is retired but he used to head Manila Doctors Hospital, where both my parents were treated shortly before they died.

I found this among my photos, career woman extraordinaire Eileen di Matta, who works hard and travels a lot when she wants to play hard. She was in Las Vegas when typhoon Ondoy hit her house. When she got back, her new car was flooded as was her house. She gamely smiled for a camera wearing boots and riding a raft to check her house out. Long after Ondoy left the water level stayed high and she only got to go back home just in time for Christmas. What an amazing lady!

This is Chelo Borromeo Gemina, a wonderful and devoted mother and wife, who also loves ballet and has carved a successful career in this. She is also very conscientious. She is mindful to always follow what she believes is right. Rare gem. Sometimes Eileen, Chelo and I manage to find time to make time to spend time together. But there is never enough time to fully catch up with each other. Maybe in another planet:)

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I guess the recessed area in front of the doorway (such as in that Sam Tung photo above) is a catchment for water, for cleaning the soles of one's feet. Some sort of footbath, probably. That's my theory.