Monday, June 1, 2009

The paths of Bali

Hongkong for me stood out for its signs, but Bali's paths were what struck me. Everywhere i looked, there were these tiny paths and you wondered where they would lead and what they would reveal to you. i guess because Bali is a mystery to be unfolded bit by bit, with so many adventures and so many discoveries that one visit would never be enough. and a path seemed to empathize that quality fo bali for me. Aside from the fact that they are practical because most people travel by motorcycle:)

Sufficient for parking.
Clear and clean.
let your imagination walk down this path and create a story. (path above)
(Path below) might be creative, but wouldn't the real story be so much more interesting?

Commercial path. where are the denizens?

Warning signs? Flyers hung rather than distributed?

The magic thumb ghost put its imprint there somehow....

Shade, not necessarily shady
Going both ways

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