Friday, May 22, 2009

Scenes of Bali

there is so much to do, so much to see in bali. and we only had 5 days, but totally intriguing nonetheless. i took some photos out the window of a taxi. bali is like the Philippines of the 70s, so there was enough to make me feel comfortable, a bit nostalgic and at home. but the tremendous hindu culture made it sufficiently different to be interesting and intriguing, too. here's a motorcycle in bali, just one. but everyone rides around in motorcycles, which is great for traffic. you can rent motorcycles for a day, and we would see families renting 3 or 4 and riding convoy style. but hotel receptionists, waitresses, etc. travel by motorcycle. they pay for them on installment from bank loans.
something old, something different. so philippines in the 70s, this building. and yet with its own bali twist.

this is where we had breakfast every day. it was part of the package, and we loved it. we stayed in a small hotel, nothing flashy but very homey and the people were warm and friendly and helpful. i'd go back there again:)

i don't know how, but Kat and Clau knew of this shopping center, and we took a cab there and stopped for lunch. and this is the pottery that was on the table. let me not repeat the "L" word. LOVE. there, did it anyway...LOVE THIS POTTERY

can't remember when i last went up an airplane by walking through a runway. but then, how often do i go on airplanes? truly though, i think i was a kid the last time i did something like this runway to plane thing....
you see stuff like this in front of every stall in Bali. i asked the receptionist why, and she said it's like a morning offering to the gods. it should have flowers, grass, incense, and some food. it's like being thankful for the day's prosperity.
this is the market we went to. kat and clau thought it would be cheaper, but the cheapest was really the market fronting our hotel. anyway, it was nice to try something different. one thing i loved about bali is a lot of foreigners go there so it's not hard to find large sized clothes that fit me in the markets:)

these offerings were in front of the pool of the hotel we stayed in.

there is lots of poverty all around bali, and the infrastructure made me feel like the Philippines is rich. but regardless, you would always find flowers in an area pocket somewhere. flowers and/or koi fish. so i took this photo, just to remind me of that.

Arch. that's it. an arch.

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Nice pictures, thanks for sharing. I love Indonesian food, and the people are friendly :)