Saturday, March 21, 2009

Our Living Angel

Qu This is Quinito, our family's living angel. One of them, at least. Quinito has schizophrenia and stays at Lifechange under the care of Dr. Randy Dellosa. It's the best place in the Philippines to be if you are frail for the world outside but have so much heart that emanates nonetheless.

This is Quinito's cross. Recently Lifechange had an art exhibit at the University of the Philippines in Diliman, featuring the works of the people from Lifechange.
At Lifechange, they have art therapy weekly, and for years, Quinito would draw the cross. Always the cross. But as you can see, doing the same thing for years would make one somehow tell a story. This is Quinito's story.
Quinito's cross was the most applauded painting at the exhibit. I wish I could keep it, but I'm embarassed to ask for it. It belongs to Lifechange, where Quinito's potential has produced surprising result, sick though he is.
But I plan to have this digitally improved upon, and it shall hang on our wall. Quinito's cross, done by our living angel.

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Lana Baker said...

Yes, this is a striking image. Sweet story behind it, Mona. Thanks, by the way, for your support during my dad's passing. You know what's important, my friend!