Sunday, March 1, 2009

Hongkong Part III: Disneyland

When we were kids living in Los Angeles, mom always brought us to Disneyland. I was a very little child then, and i recall 2 things. First, talking to Mickey Mouse who surprisingly had a very high voice. second, shaking his plastic hand. very, very plastic.

In Hongkong Disneyland is a full five sensory experience with a surprise a minute. The first surprise is the train, which already welcomes you with its Disneyland theme --statues of donald duck, snow white et al, and windows shaped like Mickey Mouse.

Disneyland welcomes you with awesome open space at the entrance. wonder. pleasure. amazement. good feeling. overwhelming.

"It's a Small world after all". kangaroo.
Pardon my sense of time. pretend it was never meant to be chronological. otherwise, ignore. below, stairs at the trains station going to Disneyland. Some of the filipino dancers are on the steps. i was proud to see that the Filipino dancers were the best in the shows:)
Back to "It's a Small World", blurred cause the train kept moving as did the steadfast steadiness of my er hand.
Stairway na naman.
Dinner. LIke a true tourist, had to show the mickey mouse on the plate and disneyland logo on the napkin. thankfully i did not bring the food home as a souvenir.
You can choose from several restaurants in Disneyland at all price ranges. We travel on the cheap, and enjoyed eating at this one.

Facade of "It's a Small World"
Er, someplace snowy?

Mexico, maybe?
Even i know there are no tigers in africa. must be india, this one.
Da middle east. hey camel, desert hath mammal.
Holland, but of course.
i saw a movie where there was a hot air balloon in italy....
hey diddle diddle...

"It's a small world" leads you to believe, for a while, that the world can really live together in peace and celebrate one another's differences.

Perhaps the next united nations summit should be held here?
Tommorowland was very nice. may i suggest the roller coaster? you feel like you are in a rocket in space, cause of the light show.
One of the programs at disneyland, where i got to see how wonderful the Filipino dancers were. the programs are really very good and of high quality. if i were a dancer i would be proud to be a part of it.
we also saw this fantastic 3D show, very realistic, totally enjoyable:)

Can't remember where this one was.
Marching band, and the boogie woogie bugle boy.

Feeling mickey. he so fine he blew her mind.
I'm a believer.
Mickey surfin on top of a whale

It's worth going to Hongkong if just for Disneyland alone:) even if you go alone....


Blogger said...

Pretty pictures! Yeah, Filipinos shine there. Disneyland is....just a dream away.

celar said...

Mona I mentioned you in my facebook and I copied your comment, I wish I can include your picture with KAT and Husband I want to ask your permission first... if you think it's okey please send your photo at my yahoo account.

I just wrote a short info about you, and I mentioned about how happy I am to meet you, and how I appreciate that you are reading my articles.... thanks

euthymic said...

hi maricel, i sent the photos na, but if you don't like them, just get anything from my blog:) you just put it on your desktop, then can attach it to your facebook.

i have fb too. i use the name mona gonzalez. how about you? must confess i had looked you up before, but your name comes up with lots of spanish and latinos, ha ha ha! let's link up:)