Sunday, January 4, 2009

Images of 2008

Looking through my photo files, I found some that had never been published. So I got some images that I liked particularly well, images I had taken last year.
Every now and then, there is something called the 'lucky shot', the shot that you got not because you're good or you've got the right camera, but because all the elements happened to come together at just the right time. At a swimwear fashion shoot at Alchemy, I the underdog with the tiny camera got this one which I loved. Everything was at the right place, the smoke, dry ice, whatever, the right model, it just captured the mood of the moment.

Ashley is the most difficult dog model. She's not really beautiful in the normal sense, and she is hyperactive but in a lovable way. Also, I always get red eyes with her from my flash. So when you get the lucky shot, you KNOW you were lucky. I got it by simply shooting machine gun style and one of them came out rather well.

He had such an interesting face, I wanted to catch him on the sly but he was up to me. So it's rather posed, and instead of capturing the interesting features I got as well the shyness, the feeling of smallness in an obviously strong man. He makes our park beautiful, he's the plant man!
They don't make them like this anymore. You can see the "Singer" brand on the foot pedal, too!

I've always had a feet fetish. These are Ashley's feet.

Love the cap, love the tee, love the warmth, and the evidence of a hardy life.

Who nose?

Met with some college buds, Rose and Chat Fernandez (Left) my hubby Ed and Osbi Santillan behind him. Beside Osbi is his wife Karina Santillan. Sorry guy sitting beside Ed...forgot your name....Osbi and Karina are advocates for World Without Wars. Hippies never die.

On a quiet afternoon there were 3 angels. One of them was named luckyhappy.

Okay, he's really a spitz....
World Without Wars dancing for peace. Shall we sing Aquarius?
Flower boy. Although I didn't buy his garlands, he still smiled for the camera:)
Her diapers are now size XL.

Winnie still poses like a natural....
Our maid Cheche and her baby, also named Ashley. We call her Ashley baby and the dog is Ashley puppy.

That's Cheche, Ashley and Marissa. Che and Marissa are sisters. They are the greatest househelp ever. Isn't Ashley baby adorable?


Lana Baker said...

Really nice collection! Hope your holidays were great! Many blessings to you and yours in this coming year! You're the best blog buddy ever!

Arty Em said...

thanks for visiting my blog and your kind comment - I agree that Ashley baby is adorable! and the doggie photos, too - they remind me of my own crazy puppy.
happy new year, and many bright blessings to you!

Arty Em said...

thanks for visiting my blog and your kind comment - I agree both baby and doggies are adorable - they remind me of my own crazy puppy.
bright blessings to you, and looking forward to connections from all over our one small green and blue world. . . .

Mature Blogger said...

Lucky shots, nice shots, sensitive photographer, funny comments. Very entertaining. Happy 2009 to you and loved ones!