Thursday, January 29, 2009

Hongkong Part 2

One blog I enjoy is called "Stand by Your Statue". But in Repulse Bay (so called because the Brits had the opium wars here and then repulsed the pirates or bugi men aka bogeymen) we found a platform where you could be a statue. Kat, puleezeeee!
Look how mommy and daddy do it. and we don't need the platform.

Let me help you out. lifet one leg back...extension kat, extension!

Well, to add more to my version of "stand by your statue" i tried "stand by this garbage can".

And 'stand beside this wall poster."

sometimes the leg up thing can be corny. so this is called "3 foot with klez"

"Stand by the poster"
"3 foot klez take 2"

My bufff, my buff my buff my buff (sung to tune of Fergie's "My hump")
nuff said.
"Stand by your flower plant"

"Stand by and destroy ergonomic sign"

"Be a plant. Be one with the plant. Just be."

I really stood by this statue.


ステファニー said...

You just made my day a bit more happier, Ate~ ! X3

I loved your expression of your pose with the pink dinosaur trashcan? Ahaha! Kat looks so flexible @w@; You all looked like you had fun. (: Love the pics! <3

Lima y Limón said...

Thanks euthymic for always take your time to read my 'poems' in my blog, thanks a lot!!

Blogger said...

hahaha, you make my day!

You have such fun....wherever you go.

Celar said...

Mona I miss you you're not visiting my blog anymore.... I can only visit your blog when I am home... so happy to see all your photos.. I envy you such a happy family... made me miss my parents..Kat is such a lucky girl

celar said...

Mona my article which they published at the Manila bulletin newspaper is also published at Animal Scene this Month....

question, how much payment will you recieve for an article published in a newspaper? I will post my latest article soon.

celar said...

Mona my latest site is, I am no longer involved with the one I featured last month at Animal Scene... some problem came and some group in that site misunderstood, I decided to leave coz I can't take the badmouthing... I found it really traumatic I thought things like those never happened in a pet websites where all members have the same passion. our site is new based in UK... You can join if you're not busy..

euthymic said...

hi maricel, i'm sorry about your experience with the old group. ya, i would be most interested in your new group. i have been wanting to joint a dog group for the longest time:) loveya!