Friday, January 9, 2009

Borrowed images part 3

Yes, he's an actor. I just don't remember....Lyka, DONT eat the actor!
Only I can make a fool of me. But Tolits gallantly tries to save my reputation.

Meanwhile Lyka gets BOTH arms wrapped around the actor...
And my "dancers" still tried to rescue me from myself.....Thanks guys-- george, rigor, uly, jem, sir andrew, kurt.....
Tolits says truly tries his very best....that's what makes him so lovable in stu:)
makes a great santa clause aka usher, too...
Jem and Sir Andrew
chippendale got nuttin on jem, kurt, uly et al

"macho macho man...."

diz could be a seen frm a movie

Rigor says "really? those are YOUR glasses?"

All dudes. ALL DUDES one with dimples
if you put the two half faces on the edges together you get....
shake it shake it babeh
we aint shy bout bein stud muffins
and then lyka found her truuueeee loooovvvvveeeee
sometimes, it's cool to be kul
Me? the responsible one?
natalie and mau
wave wave like the least until i can think of a better caption....

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Lana Baker said...

Looks like my kind of party!