Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Borowed Images Part I

The STU Christmas party was a blast! And although I didn't take photos myself, thanks for these borrowed images. Da pantomime. Four groups had to make a presentation, everyone thought they would win.

But it was Troyson's group that got the big one. That's okay, there was enough fun to go around and then some.

Doc Rachel and Mau
Karl da buff
Dad tried to tell the guys, "Let's get serious here. Okay? OKAY!" Who would believe anyone in a woolen houndstooth vest?

Pretty ladies.... that's my fashion guru in front:)
Mesdames Weng and Len, smiling broader than Ms Congeniality.

Don't be fooled by the demure smiles, not even by the one in pink. Dey WILD MAMAs inside.

It's just that sometimes you really must moore, ah dey mure, wait! demure

We are all very happy and red horse got nuttin to do wid it. even if the buckets flowed nonstop....
Fellas coke, ya just need coke. NOT COCAINE, the drink Coke!!!!!
Do like we do. We doin jus fine
Sober is cool, too, give or take a cig or 1000
No, we are just happy, REALLY HAPPY, (Pass the beer bucket please)
Afterwards you can share the love. if ya can't wait, GET A ROOM
We told you we were just happy do you see any red horse around? Palominos? Shetland ponies? Stallions?
His red hair and denim coat, so fierce
Me n fashion guru, we da real fierce

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