Thursday, September 18, 2008

An Extraordinary Day of Sudden Great Danger

There once were 5 people who were having lunch and dessert on a very ordinary day.

Suddenly, news was heard on the radio that the MBASTRAMICHP (ergo, megabyte astroid microchip) was about to crash onto planet earth and cause havoc. Where would it strike from? What would happen?

Alya was concerned that her hair might not be apropos an oncoming megabyteastroid microchip. bets wondered if he could sleep the attack off.

So alya lifted up her hair at the same time wondering if it would open airwaves to communicate with banana and warn her. beting still focused on the sleep option.
"we have to do something," sockie whispered. "Calm them down."
When we saw the evident fear and panic in the men's eyes, the terror, the sheer, oh what the heck.

So sockie discreetly put marijuana laced cakes on the side of everyone's coffee.

And Mona put some of her antianxiety pills in everyone's coffee.

And so everyone calmed down and the attack of the megabyte asteroid microchip was forgotten, for now. Still...did they survive?

the cyclops eye of mona matura microchip blastura did the trick.

Saving the lives of all humanity

And the latest of human technology.

Thank you mona matura microchip blastura all the children of the world chimed in muscially. for only they knew the secret powers of mona blastura. the end.
Cast of characters (alphabetically)
Beting Dolor
Sockie Fernandez
Alya Honasan
Ed Gonzalez
Mona Gonzalez
A walk on part

Saturday, September 13, 2008


Thank you BLUE! It took awhile but I finally figured out how to put this in my blog. It has been on my desktop like forever but would never get over here. Then I realized it should be with the photos folder first. Phew.....
Now my life is BLUE BLUE BLUE:)
I would like to send this award to:
Tazeen, because she is a young mind who is not afraid to be passionate about ideas and current issues.
Life at a Glance because I admire how she loves Peso and how she could find comfort in her dog when her mother was dying, and how that commitment made to go to great lengths to try to raise money for his hernia operation.
Lima Y Limon because he takes great photos and writes well.
Green Tightwad because he walks the talk.
Confessions of a Narcissist because he writes from the heart.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Street Children

I saw the boy to the left one night, sitting on the steps of a department store. He has so many burn marks on his face and body, so i was curious about him. but steet children pose quite a bit of a dilemma. you give some money to one, and the next time more come back again and again. they know the givers. what's more, we are encouraged to give instead to orphanages for street children, so the children will be given more incentive to leave the streets.

i once taught english to 5 such street children from the orphanage, "House of Refuge". it was one of my most heartfelt experiences. i deliberately didn't ask about their past till the last day, as i didn't want to see them as anything other than simply children. but these children loved to be made a fuss of, loved affection.
two of my friends did a docu on street children. one of the children said she was careful not to touch anyone because she knew they wouldn't like her touch. at any rate, this boy and his brother were very happy to have their photos taken, and they created their own poses. apparently, they live with their parents but they ask for money anyway, not very apropos but children are children.
after they posed for the shots, i let them see themselves in the camera and they were quite thrilled. then i gave them some coins without counting. the boy to the right asked why he was given less money. the boy to the left happily exclaimed, "because i have body burns!" and the joy in his voice made me laugh. children are brave, resilient and beautiful. don't you think?

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


True, floods occur everywhere in the world. But what I could never understand is, how come every year without fail, floods occur in the Philippines in the same areas every single year? You would think that one year is enough time to anticipate that a flood will occur so that the city governments could prepare in advance. But no, nothing happens. Except more floods.
In the photo below, it may seem rather dark. But you can see the white hair of an old, bent woman who was caught in a sudden downpour without an umbrella.
She ended up stepping right into the flood, holding a pan over her head.
And off she goes.

Floods make it hard for a lot of people to get home because jeeps and buses are stalled by the flooded roads. They spread disease, etc. etc. My officemate said in her area it floods so much they have little rafts to get by difficult places. Her house however doesn't get flooded because
they have elevated it.
. video
I was trying to take pictures of this flood, and accidentally, instead I was on film mode. So I have 2 films aside from some photos.
The images speak for themselves.

Monday, September 1, 2008

This is Why

I didn't go to my mom's 40th night mass. It had nothing to do with whether I love mom more or less. It had everything to do with what I believe in. In our faith, we don't pray for the dead. We figure, what for? She is in heaven already. We don't believe in purgatory because the only incident in the Bible that referred to praying for the dead is in the apocrypha, which is not part of the Biblical canon. But I don't judge those who do pray for the dead. God knows all of us and what's in our hearts. That's what's most impoprtant.

It's just that I'd heard many people in my wonderful family (relatives, etc) have been noting I wasn't at mom's 40th day mass, and I owe them all an explanation, because they are all so very, very, very important to me.

When mama died, I told myself, "that's just the body, mom's spirit is flying around us and she's happy". I was thankful for the loving way the nurses and maids cleaned her, as though her body still had life. They dressed her and there was so much caring I'm sure mom could see how much she was loved by everyone who had come to know her and care for her.

When mama's coffin went down the ground, I looked around the grounds, because I knew that she wasn't in that box, she was walking around and watching us all. I wondered where she was at that point in time.

When mama was sick I wanted to die. I couldn't believe that life could be so cruel, there didn't seem to be any reason to live. But when I read 2 books, one was "90 minutes in heaven" and the other "diamonds in the dust" by Joni Tada Earickson, I realized how wonderful heaven is and I knew mama was going to a better place.

I can't possibly want to live if I didn't know about heaven. What would there be to life for, to look forward to afterwards? This is a journey we are going through here, sometimes it's hard and sometimes it gets easier, then hard again.

But heaven provides so much hope for so many people. For Joni, who is disabled from the neck down, heaven becomes so much more real to her. She became disabled when she was 17, and she is about 53 years old now and is married. And heaven has kept her going.

So no, I wasn't at Mama's 40th day prayer. But she knows that every day since she has died, in my heart I have been telling her, "Congratulations!!!!!!!"

That's why I didn't go.