Tuesday, May 27, 2008

No, he doesn't

He doesn't like being called one of the 2 most beautiful boys in the world. But he will have to blame it on John Lennon. Because John thought he was writing the song "Beautiful Boy" for Sean, but in a futuristic moment he foresaw this boy and his brother, and that's the REAL story behind the song.

No he doesm

Thursday, May 22, 2008

The hubby and I

I'm trying to look Tyra Banks fierce.

Look Kindly

If you don't look at anything that sags, it all looks pretty good.

Mama's parts in whole

Mom's arm, wearing the bracelet that Alice bought her in Romania. She wears it all the time.
Mom and I hold hands. sometimes we would make pa sway sway pa.

I asked her to make a fist, like "makibaka!"

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Inside Mom's House

I took photos of stuff mom loves most in her house. since she is bedridden, she can't see it much. i started with her altar, although it's in her room when her back is turned she can't look at it, and besides, she might wanna see it close up.
Next, mom's wall with her wooden rosary. where does one buy such a large rosary? and some spiritual pictures.
In mom's office she kept pictures of all of us. who's the hottest gal on the wall? that would be me (if my husband were doing the choosing).
mom's grotto. Terrie and her hubby flew in from Kansas to fix mom's grotto. Terrie painted the cave blue and put clouds and birds inside. David got a new statue. They had to pull out some plants around it, and installed new ones.
Jessamie, the daughter of mom's trusted and loved maid, Winnie.Girl with a good heart!

A Visit to Mom's House

Today i went to visit mom. i passed my neighbor's house, where she keeps her stars on the wall.

This is the shortcut i take. you go down about 5 blocks or so.
Now about this cactus in my mom's garden. when she bought the house she noticed cacti on the wall shared by her and her neighbor. considering the wall to be mutual, she helped herself to some. the neighbor didn't mind at all (i think).
Chubby. The mini pinscher who grew up to become an askal.

The Nose Knows

One of these noses belongs to my mother. Can you guess which one it is?

A. Beautiful nose.

B. What the?
C. Seductive nose.

D. Sensible nose.

E. Secret nose.

F. Oh, never mind.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Some People Want it All


Sunday, May 11, 2008

In my own small way

I think it was this one that i helped to save. actually, the real saver of the tree is my neighbor, Tere. For the 14 years we have been neighbors, she has been saving trees and planting trees. When our village planned to cut a lot of germelina trees she wrote a letter of protest and asked me to edit it. that's when i wondered what germelina trees are. On her birthday she made her husband and daughters plant a tree for her. She mourned the death of another neighbor's mango tree. When one of her trees threatened to choke the water pipe under the ground, she made the worker reorder the roots so that the water pipe and the tree would be spared. When one of our trees grew so tall it hit the electric wires, my husband cut off the tree's head. She had her gardener give her tree a haircut so it could keep it's height but avoid the wires. Both our trees grew, and both our trees are again hitting the wires.
But all these years of getting to know my neighbor better through trees, I came to feel a little pride in the small role I played in her crusade. so I think this is the one. I think this is the latest tree she fought for and asked me to edit the letter she wrote about. So if it is, it is truly an elegant tree. But then, aren't they all?
Now they spy on me as i spy on them. but really, in a fancy hotel you order buko and they serve it with the shell on a plate and its so exotic and native feeling but they charge five times what it's worth. i bet they got it from this buko guy.
What would the Philippines be without its jeeps?

And then, there's the market across the street from where i work.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The Good That People Do

Tere Virina finds beauty in unexpected places. Like in Cookie, The askal that she adopted not long ago. One day while driving by the village, she noticed that Cookie hid under an old car not far from the guardhouse.

That night, she went to the old car with a plate of food for cookie. She was able to lure the dog away from the car with the food. Then she realized she was pregnant.

The following night, she bought a collar for Cookie and tried to take the dog home. She was worried because strays are not allowed in our village, and the security captures them. Cookie ate her food, but only went a few steps with Tere but would not budge.

But Tere refused to give up. She kept feeding the dog, and trying to take her home. On days when she worked late, she instructed her 2 daughters, Sara and Claudia to feed the dog for her. Sometimes my daughter Kat went with them.

After a few failed attempts to bring Cookie home, Sara called the village security and asked them to do it.

So Cookie has a home, where she has given birth.

No, those are not worms, they are newly-borne puppies.

Isn’t Cookie beautiful?

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Two Crabs Talking

A goldfish is quietly working in the aquarium.

Crab 1: (loudly) At least I don't have depression.

Goldfish ignores the remark. Everyone in the aquarium knows she is taking antidepressants.

Crab 1: (more loudly) AT LEAST I DON'T HAVE DEPRESSION.

Goldfish still ignores the remark.

Crab 2: At least I don't have throat cancer.

Goldfish keeps working. It is widely known Goldie's mom has 2 lumps in her throat and is dying slowly.

Some crabs are too small to be worth the sweat.