Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Late at night my husband and i take the dogs to the park. it's exercise for us, and we sit on a bench in a park, enjoy the wind, talk, then head back. it's a very nice ritual.

my best or most intense times were in parks. golden gate park in san francisco had so many memories. it seemed to be huge and there was always something new to discover. it was my high school park.

Luneta Park was my college park and though not many people enjoyed a stroll there at night (twas not ideal for dates) i felt good walking through the park. parks give me peace.

never been to New York's Central Park. but i recently discovered that Bois de la Cambre, in Brussels, is so much better. The latter was my gradeschool park and every afternoon after school my sister and i would hang out there, enjoying the swans, the rowboats, the pathways, the lovely trees, if i knew then that napoleon hanged out there and some kings went hunting there, it would not have ment much to me. but now it pleases me even more, to know that my happiest childhood days were spent in that historical park.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Winston Churchill is my alltime favorite historical leader. So I named my askal Winstonchurchill so that the askal (considered the lowest dog in the Philippines) would always be considered with respect. I wanted a dog that was strong and smart and askals, often unappreciated have been known to be that and loving and loyal too.

Winstonchurchill is streetsmart yet pampered. Luckyhappy (my Spitz) is more the intellectual, understanding of p eople's feelings. Winstonchurchill likes to bend the world to his will. he is also a very high jumper, and surprisingly sturdy, must be the wolf part of him. but he does not know how to aggressively fight any human being yet. i guess, because he is only 1 month old.

These are the latest pictures of Winston.