Monday, December 22, 2008

Kat's solo

Kat has resigned herself to the fact that her mother is gonna put her solo in. And so i taped this one from the computer using my cellphone cam, so it's not perfect but you get the idea. i hope my most excellent, exemplary, perfect wish-you-had-one like her friend in DC enjoys this part:) btw, i panick at the end of the tape and you hear it in my voice, because technical things confuse me and i didn't know how to turn off the cell phone. well, c'est la vie. or do i say, cell la vie?


Lana Baker said...

Very lovely! Thanks for sharing. Keep doing those Mom things~it's your job! Our kids say they don't want us to...but I think that secretly the love it!!!
Merry Christmas, dear, I hope it is a wonderful time for you and your family.

Timi O. Mercado said...

Hi! You take good photos. I hope I could be a good photographer as you are. BTW, thanks for visiting my blog.