Saturday, November 8, 2008

Kid with a Brain

On the set of ANC's Square-Off-Frankahan: The Drilon Debates
I never realized I had a cute baby til my sister Alice commented, "I watched all the babies on tv, and I think Kat is cuter than they are". Before then, she was just my baby and that was the whole entire thing for me. Who cared whether or not she was cute?

But my sis got me thinking, and i joined her in a baby contest -- surprise, she became a Zwitzal Baby, and there was a cash prize and gifts. And it made me think, this is not exactly a bad thing.

Growing up, Kat always showed up in mags because she was a cute kid. Oftentimes, if I needed a cute kid, I would grab one of her photos to go with an article I was writing. So yesterday, while Kat and Luis (da fella) were hanging around the house, she picked up an old magazine that had her baby pictures in it. She showed it to me and said, "I never knew you did this".

When she started to dance, she was quite good at it too, and has done a number of solos. She has also done some modeling, and I was amazed at what a trooper she could be, working under difficult circumstances and not minding because she just likes getting things done.

That's my kid at the right laughing in embarassment that mom is taking pictures. This is the College of St. Benilde Debate Team -- Chico Fornier, Nat (last name to be added later cause I forgot) and Kat.

But here was something new -- Kat appeared on TV to represent her school's debate team. The program was "Square-off Frankahan: The Drilon Debates" Her school was up against UP Iloilo and College of Saint Benilde won TA TARATA TA TA TA!!!!!!!!

And suddenly my sis (in our family we have this strange thing going -- we are all nuts about each other's kids :):):)) called to give her comments on the show. My sis Sami is an Ateneo Dean's Lister and has recently been made a partner in the Firm where she works. She has some of the most high profile clients in the country. She is Kat's idol, who, in Kat's eyes, can never do anything wrong. Oh, and Sami's boys have inherited her brilliance.

But she gave a blow by blow and it was an altogether new experience for me, for the first time to hear someone commenting on my daughter's brains. And i thought, that was pretty cool:)


Occasional Blogger said...

I am sure Kat is a good debater and an excellent dancer, and she also looks like you. Cutewise, like mother, like daughter

Poopsie Blue said...

Kat is certainly a daughter to me proud of!

Blue checking in here...
I have suddendly realised I've not given you the link to my new blog.
I removed Behind Kyanites Door as I became upset with nasty comments because I'm not the worlds best blog visitor & an infrequent commentor too.
If you'd like to come & see me again, I'm now here:-

Love & best wishes
Your old friend Blue

스태파니™ said...

Kat was on a tv show ?! DX

i never knew ~ !
fame is starting to come ! LOL !
she is very pretty , btw ;)

Celar said...

Mona I envy you, wish I can have a daughter too, your daughter is really a precious, she's got it beauty,brain, grace, and a pretty mom lol

Lana Baker said...

This girl is gorgeous~takes after the mom!Obviously beauty AND brains!

Celar said...

Mona thanks for your message again, and thanks for reading my article, I did submit again but not sure if they will consider it for next month's issue... the title is Peso and Shihtzu stories, I hope Animal scene will consider it coz I like role of shihtzu dogs in peso's life and I featured my friends' shihtzu dogs about 11 of them...

by the way did you record that episode of kat hope you have a youtube so I can watch it....