Wednesday, September 3, 2008


True, floods occur everywhere in the world. But what I could never understand is, how come every year without fail, floods occur in the Philippines in the same areas every single year? You would think that one year is enough time to anticipate that a flood will occur so that the city governments could prepare in advance. But no, nothing happens. Except more floods.
In the photo below, it may seem rather dark. But you can see the white hair of an old, bent woman who was caught in a sudden downpour without an umbrella.
She ended up stepping right into the flood, holding a pan over her head.
And off she goes.

Floods make it hard for a lot of people to get home because jeeps and buses are stalled by the flooded roads. They spread disease, etc. etc. My officemate said in her area it floods so much they have little rafts to get by difficult places. Her house however doesn't get flooded because
they have elevated it.
. video
I was trying to take pictures of this flood, and accidentally, instead I was on film mode. So I have 2 films aside from some photos.
The images speak for themselves.


Estefania (a.k.a pinoy-pinay) said...

Wow , it's been raining/flooding already in the Philippines ?! D:
Wow - well , it IS hurricane season & it's always happening around this time of year.

Mango the Maltese kiddo said...

Oh flood turned the whole city into a huge swimming pool! I love the sound of your language!
You had it right, knowing flood surely coming every year but still nothing done to control it!

euthymic said...

hi steph and mango,

yah, the floods are back again. and you're right mango, when i was young i would think of the city as a huge swimming pool and think of it as nice. but now, when i think of the disease that is being spread, the idea of a swim is not too alluring.

mango, thank you for loving the lilt of our language:)

steph, am always thinking of you with fondness in my heart!!!

Lana Baker said...

We had flooding early this spring/summer in the midwest but nothing of this magnitude.I hope and pray that things will change and preparations/precautions will be made in the future. This is really sad and I know that loss is pretty hard to take especially when it happens over and over again.I hope this changes!

euthymic said...

You betcha, Lana:)