Thursday, September 18, 2008

An Extraordinary Day of Sudden Great Danger

There once were 5 people who were having lunch and dessert on a very ordinary day.

Suddenly, news was heard on the radio that the MBASTRAMICHP (ergo, megabyte astroid microchip) was about to crash onto planet earth and cause havoc. Where would it strike from? What would happen?

Alya was concerned that her hair might not be apropos an oncoming megabyteastroid microchip. bets wondered if he could sleep the attack off.

So alya lifted up her hair at the same time wondering if it would open airwaves to communicate with banana and warn her. beting still focused on the sleep option.
"we have to do something," sockie whispered. "Calm them down."
When we saw the evident fear and panic in the men's eyes, the terror, the sheer, oh what the heck.

So sockie discreetly put marijuana laced cakes on the side of everyone's coffee.

And Mona put some of her antianxiety pills in everyone's coffee.

And so everyone calmed down and the attack of the megabyte asteroid microchip was forgotten, for now. Still...did they survive?

the cyclops eye of mona matura microchip blastura did the trick.

Saving the lives of all humanity

And the latest of human technology.

Thank you mona matura microchip blastura all the children of the world chimed in muscially. for only they knew the secret powers of mona blastura. the end.
Cast of characters (alphabetically)
Beting Dolor
Sockie Fernandez
Alya Honasan
Ed Gonzalez
Mona Gonzalez
A walk on part


Lana Baker said...

This is my favorite one yet!Simply delightful!I love the whimsy...

Tazeen said...

love the pictures, really nice