Friday, August 8, 2008

The Tragic Life of MizFortune

Once upon a time there was a woman in red named MizFortune who led a very tragic life.
In fact, her life was very, very tragic indeed.

MizFortune had a daughter named Glee.

Glee was worried about MizFortune.

"Just smile mommy, and you'll feel better. Like this," Glee said.

MizFortune tried her best.
All the millions of concerned people and creatures of the universe looked on, concerned. Would it work?

MizFortune tried again, and again.

The people and creatures of the universe were hopeful, but felt they were in the dark as to what the future would bring.

"Mommy, try smiling this way," Glee suggested.

So MizFortune tried.

And tried.

But Glee was not satisfied. "Mommy, let's just go to the beauty parlor," she said.

"It'll work, you'll see."

MizFortune put on a red scarf and had a new haircut, but still felt unwell. She called her hubby, Mr. Fortune. He said, "You got it all wrong. Your are not MizFortune. You are Mrs. Fortune".

So, THAT was the problem. And Mrs. Fortune felt better already.
Special thanks to the cast of characters:
Oda Torres
Yoly Dasmarinas
Jeff Nemenzo
Jorge Ogalesco
and 2 actors who are too embarassed to want to be acknowledged.


Blue said...

The joys of having a daughter who cares.
You look amazing!


Crazed Mom said...

what a twrrific photo story. I reaslly enjoyed it.

Mango the Maltese kiddo said...

Amazing a nice haircut would bring the best out of you.
I have to push my mom to have a nice haircut too. But too bad she would not let me click her "before and after" photos!

celar said...

Nice one mona, very funny, your daughter is really very pretty.
haven't heard a lot from you, I wonder if you know if Peso had his surgery last July 30, I haven't blog the picture yet, but if you are not busy you can check here at youtube search for Peso7272k...

I wonder what happened to the article you submitted to nestor torre which you said you mentioned me and Peso? wish to hear more from you...

Madz said...

Hi there, this must be you and your daughter right? You really have such a gorgeous daughter! Please tell her she is gorgeous!...mana sa nanay...hehehehe

Thanks for all your wonderful comments, shall I call you Ate Mona? Please tell me if that's alright... LOL.. anyway, just always see you around.. God bless you po & the whole family.