Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Of Poems and Possibilities

When my sister Terrie writes notes, I often see the possibility of a poem. For example, she wrote me the following:

"you know, despite all the weeds ... my flowers still bring on a lovely show. my Black-Eyed Susans are in full swing,as well as my Ruby Red Four-o-clocks, then thereis my Sunshine Yellow Yarrows and with that all my Pure WhiteShasta Daisies! I just love nature! I'm just itching to get my hands in her warm soil, and clear it of all those pesky weeds!"

And rearranging the words, I came up with this ditty:

Black-Eyed Susans in full swing,
Ruby Red Four-o-clocks in due time
Sunshine Yellow Yarrows, wheelbarrow
Pure White....delight!
Shasta Daisies!
Weeds -- marijuana wanna

Oftentimes we don't see the poetry within us....


Blue said...

Oh, yes there is poetry there!

Now, I hope you don't mind, but I've tagged you to play a game called Six Quirks!
It's fun but you don't have to do it or pass it on...just let me know what you decide.


PS - TY, no kitties yet & I won't be adopting, I much prefer dogs...

Madz said...

Thanks for your comment regarding the case of my sister, appreciate it!

By the way, got a tag for you -

See you around, God bless you always & wishing you a wonderful weekend ahead...