Thursday, August 7, 2008

Butts and Tails

It is not the kind of park you bring the children to, but it was good enough for our "children", our 3 dogs who can understand uncut grass and a little mud and some mosquitoes. And it was perfect for us because there is just one gate, kept closed, so the dogs can run free. As a result, we ended up with a lot of pictures of butts and tails.
And then there was the occasional speed shot, like this one. Dogs make dificult models...
LuckyHappy is an old dog, but he could not believe this wonderful, magical, wilderness.
But sometimes we had to take a rest. So my buff guy Ed and LuckyHappy sat on a bench to catch their breath.
I got an exceptionally good pose this time, worked hard for it.
Winniechurchill was fascinated with everything, and most of all, overjoyed with the freedom to roam around.
AshleyPumpernickel blends with the mud. LuckyHappy is held back by el Buff.
And here you have it, 3 butts and tails, all pleasantly curled upwards.
Then it became 2 butts and tails.
The sideward views were nice, too. I think next time we do this, I won't let them wear clothes.

LuckyHappy sat down to rest, but still looked around. Those are Ed's shoes.
That's right boy, catch your breath.
Saw this fantastic tree, and tried to capture it but was not quite satisfied.
So here it is, vertical.
That's WinnieChurchill. The entire trip was just 5 minutes away, but by the time we were done, both Ed and I needed a muscle relaxant. Because getting 3 dogs into the car is no joke. They get so excited and Ed keeps worrying they'll pee in the car or something. At the park, Ed kept worrying they wouldn't come back when i set them free. The park itself was rather large and unkempt. But it did its job well, at least for our 3 dogs.


Mango the Maltese kiddo said...

3 doggies had so much fun in the park, I wish I was there!
Yeah, handle all of them running free at one time in the park then get them back in the car is no joke. Hope muscle relaxant does the trick!

THE ZOO said...

it seems they enjoyed it well and had a gud tyme. and tha beans got three tired pups as a reward probably. pups do luf their car rides.

celar said...

dogs love it when you spend time with them....Mona you have many stories now.... I am not updated anymore hehehe