Friday, August 15, 2008

6 Quirks

Very well, Blue has tagged me to play 6 quirks. They are the ff:

1. I once had white socks that kept getting holes, and i kept sewing the holes with different threads waiting for them to eventually become multicolored socks.

2. Everytime my daughter comes home from a date i jokingly pretend she's a robber and before opening the door yell out as a warning, "I have dogs!"

3. I watch TV while lying in bed.

4. I kill cockroaches with alcohol.

5. i once tortured fleas by scotch taping them to a table and watching them die slowly at an average of 3 days of struggle.

6. I am very shy.

I would like to pass this quirk game to: , In My Heart Forever , Mango the Maltese kiddo , Compass Pointe, Stephaneeeee(: , and

the above must also list down six quirks, and then pass the quirk game to 6 others:)

cheers to the normal people of the blogosphere....


Blue said...

Well, I never had you down as a sadist - the fleas - LOL!
Fun list, but I'm sure you found listing just six was too few too.
As you implied I've lots!

Have a happy family week-end.

Mango the Maltese kiddo said...

Thanks for tagging me. Will do.
I love your skill of playing with words:
your cold box is cool
ice (with an "n" in front)
This is a lovely haiku! Thanks.
Check out my blog, I just handed you an award!

Estefania (a.k.a pinoy-pinay) said...

I did my part of the tagged part. You can look at mine whenever you want to, okay? :)

I like your quirk number 2 about where your daughter come back from date and you yell 'I have dogs!' XD

Lana Baker said...

I've been on vacation for the past two weeks-so, I'll post this ASAP!! Thanks for including me. The perfect candidate you know, lots of quirks and all...check it out, fun girl!!
PS-I have a cat name BLUE! He's a tick/ticked tabby??Not sure how you say that. Huge. Like 23 pounds worth.Kitty on steroids!Really sweet!!