Saturday, July 5, 2008

That old crick at the back of the neck

And the weakness of the arms, the fatigue all throughout are my body's way of saying i'm coasting along. mom is on 100% oxygen and we just wait for what is inevitable.

Meanwhile, Ashley Pumpernickel is back after 3 days in the hospital. She is such a quiet presence, the perfect house dog. the sweetest character I have ever had in a pet.

Here are some still life photos:

Photos of Ed's mom, Nena, who has already passed away. That's Kat with her on one photo, in the other, Ed's brother Quinito, our Living Angel.

A small corner of beauty is always refreshing.

Art and life. To the left, artificial flowers, very pretty indeed. to the right, a bouquet of flowers kat received after dancing the role of Kittri in Don Quijote.

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