Saturday, July 5, 2008

Sometimes, we actually have a life, ha ha ha!

Dolce Dulcum and all that.

But we have sometimes actually had something to celebrate, taking us beyond the park, the house, the workstation. Like when Kat danced Kittri, we actually took her and some friends out for dinner. One of them's DA FELLA.

Kat's with her best buds, Claudia and Luis.
These snaps were taken backstage, then we had dinner at San Mig and dessert at Ice Monster. As you can see from Luis face, everybody had a super duper pumpkin smashin jolly good time.....let me not belabor.....


Blue said...

So, glad you were able to enjoy there happy moments.


Lana Baker said...

Yes, it's good to see you enjoying yourself and friends. That's a big part of what makes a life!

Mango the Maltese kiddo said...

Thanks for visiting my blog.
Kat is beautiful or should I say "to say Kat was beautiful would be redundant, put it in a foreign language, that might be better.
Votre fille est belle
Tua figlia è bella
Su hija es bella
Ihre Tochter ist schön

Celar said...

well hi, I really appreciate it that you passed by my blogs and read them,, and I really thank you for missing my dogs....just want to ask have we met? so sorry I can't seem to recall... I am still at the office, overtime, so I cant comment long (but this is long hehehe)there's one touching blog you had there about somebody's mom, I found it so touching... it reminds me of my mother, she died may 2005, it was a deep sad feeling. anyway hope you;ll continue reading about me and my dogs Peso and Pissy. where are you by the way? Philippines or out?

Celar said...

Hi how will I address you ba? can I call you Mona? first let me thank you again for reading my blog. I just realized you also comment on my other blog bout my my first published article. and I was wondering how you came across my blogs, and my forum coz you mentioned about Peso's crown and etc.. So you've been to you see I have so much to blog but work is keeping me busy coz it's PGMA's SONA month and we've been working overtime since last week of june... okey this is enough for now, Il soon busy your post and comment coz you see I have so much to tell you and share with you.... I can see how you love your family so much, and I admire your love for your mom.. I can understand what you's hard to have a sick love ones, it's very hard emotionally, it's something I know I can't get over yet...I guess it's harder if you're an only child. okey talk to you more soon... need to work I just can't wait to reply to you