Sunday, July 13, 2008

Poor Ashely

These were photos taken of her first day at home. At the time we didn't know she was sick, just thought she was sleepy. She wore a diaper and tee.
Isn't she adorable? Dog clothes cost P500 but a baby's tee does the same job for just P39. Dog diapers are P30 each, but a baby's diaper can get you up to 8 for P60, so I just cut a hole for the tail.
Seal face.
The next day ash ended up in the hospital, where she stayed 3 days on dextrose and meds. But it was all worth it!!!!!!

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Celar said...

Mona, you can call me maricel.. I really don't mind it, I mean that's the use of our blogs.. I mean I will be very glad to see you it here among your blogs....
I think you're very lucky, I consider someone with a family and still has a mother really very lucky... I am overtime again, acutally i did not report for work but boss said I need to be in the office... we are super busy because of SONA....hope to hear from you... I like your dogs....very loveable