Tuesday, July 15, 2008

My Brother's Pictures

Note: These are pictures I took of my brother's pictures. The originals are a million times better in quality.

Every now and then, without our knowing it, in the commonest moments of our lives, we become a part of something beautiful.

Like this blind old man, frail and pained and lonely, clinging to a bamboo stick, clutching a pouch and holding out a plastic cup for alms.

He is tired, he leans on a pillar. Inside his organs may be decaying. His heart may be broken and his mind not at rest.

He will never see what the eye of the photographer saw. He will never know this photo of himself, a shape, an act of balance and symmetry and a moment in time that depicted a life, and awoke recognition in the heart of the photographer. One moment of a stranger’s pain depicted the life of my brother.

Or the cat that sleeps peacefully beside a laced planter amid the stones of someone’s carelessly landscaped garden. The cat is a stray, I suspect, one of hundreds that roam Tahanan Village to hunt garden rats. She adopted my mother’s home and I suspect birthed her kittens, which I took from her and broke apart this feline family.

But here she looks peaceful, content in a house not her own, where nothing could be owned by her.

My brother took these pictures. They remind me that as we live through the unfolding of our lives, God is watching. And regardless of what we may feel, the Creator has left us something beautiful which we may not see, but which we can find if we just look.


Lana Baker said...

There's always more to things than meet the eye. You can find beauty in almost everything if you are looking for it. Thanks for sharing.

Mango the Maltese kiddo said...

Well said. I like it!