Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Different wheels move different things. I found these somewhat interesting.
Like this beautiful blue tricycle which a family uses to collect cardboard and other saleable garbage.
While shooting the tricycle, this boy moved in.

Like him, sometimes we stand at the other side of the fence as cars move by.
So I shot him with his tricycle, which he protectively (and a little proudly) stood beside.
Of course, some cars move faster than others. Hurry, hurry, ding ding.
This Buick seemed quite a prize, lovingly refurbished, like a precious piece of history.

That's one beautiful lady, don't you agree?
Whatever you are moving in, what's more important is that we must move on.
Some memories can be cherished and lovingly refurbished, like this Buick, made to look exactly as it did before, no major distortion.
Some memories we unconsciously edit and rewrite. Painful memories from childhood, relived later in life because we didn't know how to really process and let go. You're stuck, just like the most expensive car of the latest model that ran so fast it crashed. Your life slowly burns.
Because you move too fast thinking you can avoid the process. And so, you never really move on.


Mango the Maltese kiddo said...

I can't see the photos.
I always smile when I read your thought. You inspire and encourage me posting more daily fun acts.
Thanks for signing my guestbook.
Thanks for the kind words " You are the Mango of my life."
You made my day!

Blue said...

Your the one with the great photo's @ the moment - enjoyed the ride.
Your words re moving on, also struck a personal cord - you are so right.


euthymic said...

Blue, coming from you, i can't help but feel grateful but undeserving. Your photos are artistic, mine is like gradeschool. but you helped me to try to get better.

Mango, thanks a lot! ever heard of the poet who knows it? this would be the poem, a hai without the ku:


Crazed Mom said...

Awesome photo essay. I really enjoyed it! Good work.