Sunday, July 13, 2008

Momma's New Normal

Momma's new normal takes her closer to her happiest home. Please pray that she suffers as little as possible before she crosses over. Momma doesn't open her eyes anymore, but she is aware of conversations around her.

It occurs to me that Jesus died by suffocation. That's what the crucifixion was, it was death by suffocation. I don't remember the science behind it, but it was something like you stay up on your feet to breathe, then rest by relaxing but not too long because you won't be able to breathe, so you hoist yourself up again to take another breath. and you keep this up long as possible before you have no strength to do so anymore.

Mom has been trying to breathe quite a bit, even with 100% oxygen, and ambo bagging and suctioning complicated by throat lumps and diabetes and emphysema and Alzheimer's. It all ends up in the same place anyway, death, Heaven. I think death would be quite worthless if we didn't have Heaven to look forward to afterwards.


Lana Baker said...

I am and will continue to be in prayer. God Bless you and yours. You are so right-Heaven is the Bonus Round and your mom is almost a winner!Sometimes God chooses to restore us to health through healing, sometimes He uses doctors and medicine as His tool, and sometimes He heals his children by taking them home.Your mom will be completely healed and restored in her new home. God will take excellent care of her!

Blue said...

Waiting & watching is so painful for those to be left behind.
I remember the feeling so well from when my mother sweet mother slowly slipped away with no pain just peace.

Blue said...

Meant to send my love.