Saturday, July 26, 2008

Growing up Gaviola

Photo of Sami and her boys removed at her request

Mommy comes from a family of 12 brothers and sisters. Half of them have already passed away. But the Gaviola tradition of being there for you when you need them remains. And so, here are the members of our wonderful Gaviola clan. Above, sis Sami and her boys Martin and Franco Pie.

Photo of Sami's boys removed at her request
They are praying.

That's Uncle Alex standing, the Padre de Familia of our Gaviola clan. Friends from Mom's Catholic community are seated. In the back is Sami.
Gaviola by marriage, my wonderful hubby Ed (left) with his friend Melo.
The Gaviola Buffs and Hunks. Evans in the background, in a checkered shirt. Next is Raffy, who kept everybody laughing. That's RicRic seated with blue stripes and another Gaviola. Well, I'm 53 so I'm allowed to have memory lapses.
Mamma Mia, muy guapita! The pearls are Sami's. The dress was given to her by Terrie years ago. She had Bally shoes from Alice, but since it's bad luck to wear shoes in coffins, they were simply placed beside her. She also wore the bracelet from Alice that she never took off and held a rosary from Lourdes.
Another Gaviola by marriage, Theodore Tanoue in the foreground. He had this running joke for the longest time of being photographed with just one eye. This time, I arranged for the one eye shot in consideration of him. Seated too is buddy Vic Fornier.
That's Dolly and hubby Gerry seated sweetly together. Sami is beside her and behind, I am maintaining my Tyra Banks fierceness.
The ladies divine, Aunties Nelly, Josie and Litang. Auntie Litang sang a Visayan song and her face was amazingly expressive. I gotta get the film...

That's Binky of Jaquielouville, Auntie Nelly and Auntie Josie. After Mom's burial, we all had lunch at Dencio's compliments of Alice and Theodore Tanoue, who flew in from Romania and the States.
Uncle Alex with Auntie Fe. She defeated Alice in the contest for "Crying Lady". In the Philippines, some people hire ladies to cry at funerals, but some of ours cried naturally, so no need to hire, haha. Auntie Fe totally took the prize but she gamely laughed afterwards when we all got to talk about it.
That's Alice's back, who we expected to be the No. 1 crying lady. Beside her is hubby Theodore.
Oh, it's great to be Gaviola. Menchie, Emmy (looking back), Maritess, Maye, and Gemma the family Brooke Shields.
And here they are in full force, during the mass.

Uncle Alex in blue, Auntie Fe, Alice, Theodore. Notice? The two top "crying ladies" sat side by side....
Take 2 for the Gaviolas in full force .
Bye Ma! The photo shows Mom and Kat, my daughter. Mommy was holding a --horrors -- cigarette!
Dolly with camera. I shot her before she could shoot me.

Alice's buds Ed Tamayo and Claire Magno, with Binky and Auntie Nelly.

Other relatives came whom I was unable to photograph, like Auntie Rorie with children Sigfrid and Henry, Tita Tits, Venny (wife of buff Evans), and buff Roy, husband of Brooke Shields Gemma whose name I forgot in my senior moment from a photo up above. Rex, hubby of Sami, always so supportive. Bong, hubby of Menchie, Kyla and Jovie, Venny's son (whose name I can't remember, another senior moment), please forgive me, those I forgot to add. Out of 12 originals, come so many others multiplied many times over. I love the Gaviolas!!!!


Blue said...

How wonderful to have such a family, & have been able to give Mama such a fine send off.
She looked lovely & so @ peace.
So, very different to my own mothers funeral, where there was just three of us.

euthymic said...

Hi Blue, thank you very much. you have helped me to see how fortunate a very big family can be. i miss you !!!! i gotta stop bye your blog now and see what new wonderful photos you have taken. btw am trying to be more "blue" by going out more and taking more pictures like you. i may not equal you in quality, but i can try to up the quantity. hahaha!