Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Friends Who Came

That would be Francie-Poo in blue. He was our buddy since college, with Bets and Nenita. Nenita is the old lady standing. She is maybe 79 going on 16. As we all are...
Ricky Feinsein, the cantor of mom's neocatechumenal community. Seated is Teddy Cua extraordinaire. Betty Samson, college bud. writer, teacher, speed car racer, wall climber, traveler, mag publisher, dog trainer, adventurera todo el tiempo.
Photo removed at Sam's request. Love you sis!

To the right is street parliamentarian Narz Lim and her hubby is in the green shirt.
Sockie, multi award winning director of commercials and films, and I are trying to be fierce. We were actually more fierce in college. Now we are just fabulous.

I think Tyra Banks would be very proud of us right now.
More of mom's friends from the community. Mrs. Feinsein, Margaret, and Teddy.
And more community friends
and more....
Friends, friends friends.
That's mom's fabulous head nurse Gwen, greatly loved by all of us. In fact, we felt so sad when she briefly had to go and were overjoyed when she came back. She is nurse par extraordinaire. But mom's other nurses were wonderful too, especially Ruth, Joanna, Rosalina, and another young one. We also missed Malu, one of mom's first nurses, who was also very excellent. Nursing is a noble profession, a vocation and you need to love the job and your patients as much as be excellent in what you do. They were all wonderful, loving and excellent.

Dondi and Esme came every day. They are an extraordinary young couple. On top of that, they have cats!
My buff guy Ed with Melo
My buff guy with Mr. and Mrs. Panser Tumangan, from his Bible cell group, and our church Victory Christian Fellowship. DA best!
Mommy's special angel Mary Felix was at her side when Mama died. She is a wonderful woman, Mom's dear friend from her community. I love Mary Felix, now and forever.

That's Agnes Dungca in the foreground, another of mom's close community friends.
Butch Toledo, Ed's buddy since way back when (left) poses with three buff priests from South America. Los guapos.
That's Nathan and his mom Chelo, my former Bible cell leader and Kat's former ballet teacher. Gorgeous lady, yes? She specializes in spiritual harvests.
And so I pose with Chelo and Nathan, removing my specs in hopes of outdoing her in the beauty department.
This was the day of the community mass when I had my photos. so-- more community!
But there were so many others who came too, how I wish I had my camera then. Ed's and my church, Victory Christian Fellowship sent flowers, and I know they were praying for us, thanks Pastor Ariel!!!!! Thanks Miel and Mash!!! Of course, Bambi and Martin Perez.  Bambi is the height of graciousness and you always feel good with her.  Other friends of ours were (I hope I got them all) Nancy Reyes- Lumen, *(the Philippines' Rachael Ray) who is always the first to visit a friend when they are in the hospital, or at a wake, or simply having a huge problem, which is why Nancy keeps her friends; Ju.D Lao (The Philippine's Fruitcake Lady), Mao Hinlo my beloved best bud from STU Inc. where I work (the officemates wanted to visit Monday but I was truly beat and stayed home with a migraine. Then by Wed when Mao called again for them, we were about to bury mom. But thanks for the love!!!!) Washington Lou, William Lou, Pastor William Sy, Val and Tin Perez, Marilou Galaraga, Pastor Gerry and Glo de la Paz (parents of the amazing G kids), the unbeatable, irrepressible, everloving everlasting Alex and Sol Depnag. Neighbors from Tahanan the Garcia family from across mom's house, and the neighbors beside them (I"m so sorry, I just remember you are the parents of Norman...), Mrs. Gamboa, Bernie, and Lance and 2 daughters, our wonderful loving and perfect neighbors the Virinas Tere, (who always works to save our environment and does good things for people secretly like the saints do), Rene, Clau and Sara, Alice's Sigma Delta sisters who love her and never fail to walk the extra mile for her (the Lubi sisters Tita and Leni, Rosary Benitez, Dr. Baby Allado who was there with her team on Sundays for no reason except to check on mom because they love God and Alice, some Upsilonian friends of my brother Vic, Alice's former officemates, even the parking lot friends from UP who still remembered Alice and Vic came.
I know I have not written all names, because I forget some, others I didn't know. but all of you , thank you for loving mom and for being there. I also thank those who texted me, Doc Helene, Eileen and Sheila, Tere Salas, Netong for calling, Rose for always always texting me and encouraging me. Thank you, all of you!!!!

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Lana Baker said...

Lovely!You have a marvelous circle of support. There's nothing better than family and good, good friends! You are blessed to have many of both! Thanks for sharing your pictures and experience! I'm glad you stopped by my blog as well to see the latest of my grandson, Jayden-my pride and joy!
God Bless you!