Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Dancing the Pachanga

Mama is in heaven now, dancing the pachanga. I know she is dancing because it has been quite a few days now. I told her to do a cartwheel for me with Ai-Chan, but you can only do so many. So by now, running out of other things to do, she is taking her time dancing the pachanga. Great footwork, Ma!


Blue said...

Reading this filled my eyes with tears.
I'm happy that Mama has been released from her earthly woes but, it's always sad for those left behind.

Much love

Lana Baker said...

I'm sorry for your loss here on this earth but rejoice that your Mom made it home into the hands of the Father.

euthymic said...

Thank you, Lana and Blue. Our friendship has given me so many happy moments even in my saddest times. I'm so happy for mama, too.

Love you both!!!!!