Tuesday, June 17, 2008

You could also say fabulosi

You see here not 1, not 2, but FIVE fabulous women (part of a fabulous larger family)


Blue said...

What a wonderful happy family photo. You are so lucky.
Hope Mom is doing well.


euthymic said...

Thanks Blue. can you imagine, this was just a year and a half ago? i believe it was November of 2006. my biggest wish for mom is that she is already in heaven na. she deserves her wings, and her legs, and her arms, and her smile, and the light that brings peace that surpasses understanding.

Lana Baker said...

A more lovely group of ladies I have NEVER seen! You are blessed to be surrounded by such a legacy. Your blog always makes me feel warm all over!
Lana Baker

Lima y Limón said...

Thanks for your commen in my blog! I enjoy when somebody likes my pics!

adhdknitting said...

OMG, thanks for your lovely comments regarding my Dad. I got the chills. I can see you are a close family just like us by the posted picture of all of you together. My Dad is doing much better,still more testing but at least he is out of the hospital. Thanks for your love and prayers. It means a lot to me. Hugs, Gail

adhdknitting said...

OMG, thanks for all of your love and prayers. I appreciate your thoughts. I can see you are from a close knit family as well. What a wonderful picture of all the generations. My Dad, thank goodness is doing much better and is home from the hospital. We will be dancing again. Hugs, Gail

Lana Baker said...

Hey, there! Hope life is treating you kindly! I just wanted to let you know that I mentioned your blog in my blog in a post about blog-hopping. If there's anything there you don't like, I can edit it out! I am enjoying getting to know you.
God Bless you!
Lana Baker

euthymic said...

Hi Lana,

thanks for mentioning my blog. i read what you wrote and it is fantastic. the blogging world is really changing the face of things and you articulated the situation so well. what indeed whould have happened if hemingway et al were bloggers?
what i like about blogging is that like minded people who are similarly inclined in sensibilities are not as few as one would think. i often feel that in my mind i am so simple and my world is so small. but there are lots of people out there, like you, who appreciate the most ordinary things in life but see that they are more special than most would realize. this is a blog blessing!!!!!